The homopaedo warmongers pushing feminazi domestic abuse campaigns
Despite massive exposures recently by the gutter press, that are only repeating what many victims on the internet have been exposing for decades, the scum and filth political establishment behind gross homopaedo abuse, murder and its cover up and who also support warmongering by the British and American neocons are determined to continue to ramp up the feminazi driven domestic violence mayhem.

Despite the fact that young boys in care homes en masse have been removed from those homes and abused by the political establishment of Britain. Many of them in care homes after being removed from fathers under the guise of domestic violence allegations these evil bastards continue to pursue policies that have driven men to suicide and destroyed their lives while their children are abused and murdered by the very scum and filth manufacturing ever more draconian laws. Laws that smear heterosexual men in family courts that still to this day remain cloaked in secrecy and with little or no evidence offered by crooked lawyers on multi million pound legal aid budgets acting for ex wives ONLY interested in golddigging and little concerned with the consequences of children being removed from the physical protection of their biological father.

Many men who are yet to face these horrific hearing are totally unaware, thanks to endless propaganda, that they are next for the chopping block that enriches the lawmakers with powers so vast they are getting away with murder using twisted allegations that financially enrich the freemason political and legal perverts as well as satisfying their insatiable appetite for youngsters stolen by the most sinister abuse of the law. Laws they make up as they go along.


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