The tories were wiped out in Scotland many years ago and more recently in Wales but it has taken a lot longer for England to finally realise the Eton tory scum and filth are murdering their fellow countrymen in hate and smear campaigns directed against those least able to defend themselves.

The reality now waking up the English is that they themselves may find a sudden change of circumstances will led to the same homelessness and penniless, and in many cases suicide, for those already facing the draconian cuts and psychological persecution campaigns being used to push the seriously ill and mentally disabled over the edge. Never have a British political party acted so ruthlessly while their press barons pals hold them up as hero's.

But they did a similar thing with the BBC's predatory paedo Jimmy Savile who was being hailed as a hero and legend despite the fact he was a child molesting monster. So the same media having been trying to dress Cameron and his vile henchmen up as some sort of HERO's despite clear evidence of their murderous campaigns and only to concerned about pushing wealth in the direction of their ultra rich backers(some who provide their media propaganda) and their own off shore tax avoiding bank accounts while ruthlessly murdering with impunity anyone who becomes a target for their vile agenda .

How long before the rest of England realise what Scotland and Wales have known all along that the Tories bring never ending misery everytime the South of England back their election campaigns. Though at the last election they narrowly got through and had to use a coalition with the Lib Dems to have any hope of running the country into the ground, and they have a long history of destroying the UK's infrastructure during their reigns of terror. The south of England need to waken up before even more of their fellow countrymen die under the harsh regime that the tories seem to wallow in and wouldn't look out of place at a Gestapo meeting.

  • Conservatives in crisis as UKIP push Tories into THIRD place as Lib Dems hold onto must-win seat with dramatic by-election victory (and this from their tory loving press baron Harsmworth's Daily Rag)
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