How to eliminate the illuminated
illuminati control

Take any small town and if there was a business frisking the local population it wouldn't take long before word of mouth put them out of business. Some little crooked mechanic overcharging for repairs would soon find he had no work.

The same goes for the BIG BOYS you beat them by reporting every single victim of their criminality. Previously everyone assumed the national and local newspapers did that, but since the internet they are finding tons of corruption has been covered up so those BIG BOYS are now not getting away with the murder they had previously. The global law society terrorists have been behind the protection network that allowed their own lackeys to steal trillions from estates they themselves write the contracts for. Every single property transaction carried out by the biggest terrorist group on the planet under the guise of purchasing something when the reality is that they steal them back given time. They also control the gutter press through their media lawyers ensuring the mass cover up of the biggest terrorist threat for men on the planet.

They are all part of the illuminati banking, legal and political agenda where most of the key positions have hand picked dim witted goons sitting in occupations well above their station. Only one example of that recently was 'Crystal Methodist' Paul Flowers who, despite running the Cooperative bank into the dust, had little experience of banking yet was given the top job which ultimately led to its destruction at the hands of a rent boy loving , cocaine swigging homosexual methodist minister.

The reality is that they are NOT and WILL NOT get away with their schemes indefinitely and their victims have been uniting and using the latest technology to ensure future generations are educated in their trillion dollar scams that in effect fund their greed and power. Like the small town jerks it requires the global population to refrain from providing them any more finance through buying into their global schemes as well as allowing their homopaedo minions, who they blackmail to do their dirty work , to continue abusing our children and who have been protected by a global freemason cop mafia for far to long.

  • Ex-Coop bank boss Paul Flowers is caught on video snorting drugs