What is the end result of Ed Snowden's whistleblowing?
America's parasitic zionist press and political mafia's can castigate Ed Snowden all they want for his courage in exposing what is going on right at the heart of the global spy rings that connect three of the worst regime's on the planet. NOT the axis of EVIL that George Bush tried to tar the Middle East with but the three countries that operate primarily to satisfy the hidden agenda of freemasonry.

Zionist Israel, zionist UK and zionist USA all have ONE primary motive and that is to establish a NWO one world government using every dirty technological trick in the book . Placing their citizens under the umbrella of every conceivable type of electronics eavesdropping, that was until Ed Snowden blew a MASSIVE hole in their warped view that they could get away with this tyranny indefinitely . Ed took the brave stance of exposing their vile network of eavesdropping on ordinary citizens while the sheeple continue to be browbeaten that this was in their best interests. The G8 that has since been reduced to the G7 when Putin broke rank, is primarily a global political club set up to allow in only countries that are adhering to the zionist / freemason agenda.

The reality is that there are two primary reasons for their stasi influenced spying on the public . One is that every citizen at some point in their life can rise up and be a threat like Ed to their control system. The second, and something the sheeple fail to understand despite endless efforts to inform them, is that the biggest terrorist threat on the planet by far is the global law society. It is noticeable the families were both partners are lawyers have been selected to run as heads of their political parties in USA and UK. Obama and his wife are lawyers, Clinton and his wife are lawyers and Tony Blair and his wife are lawyers.

The global law society terror cell requires to keep their lackeys in control of all political parties who are the only ones who get publicity in the media they also control via their media lawyers. The ultimate goal is the mass fleecing of their populations in the courts dominated by freemason judges. The myth that somehow they want to weed out those THEY claim are terrorists are usually the very individuals who have fought against their tyranny and who have tried to expose them as the real terrorists responsible for more deaths and destruction than all recent wars combined. Every day in courts throughout those nations are battles taking place where men and their families, not part of their creepy satanic cult, are being destroyed in their millions and seldom reported by the controlled gutter press.

Ed has shot a massive cannonball across the bow of their NWO battleship and has scuppered their plans ensuring that they now realise those within their ranks, who have been given responsibilities like Ed, can break rank and expose further atrocities that have been carried out under the guise of fighting the terrorist threat. The ONLY threat men need to concern themselves with are the murderous scum pointing the finger at everybody else while in their psychopathic mindset are unaware they themselves are the biggest terrorist threat to men across the planet. That we will continue to press forward while the gutter media provide the massive smokescreens to allow them to carry on their multi trillion dollar scams that have ultimately led to the deaths of ten of thousands of men who buckled under the psychological torture their lackeys meted out while being dragged through the gutter, but NOT if we can help it.

The law while it remains administered by the zionist / freemason infiltrators is their MAIN source of power and wealth over good men not prepared to sell their soul to the devil and the main mechanism used to create the vast inequality that keeps their hierarchy in the opulence they think they deserve through the sinister use of a satanic cult and its blackmail control structure.