esoteric agenda One thing freemasons rant on about endlessly is the esoteric nature of what they study. Its like a small group of kids not telling other kids that they know something they don't know. It is that childlike mentality that leads to the bully boy network that encompasses the globe sanctioned by the richest and most powerful despot on the planet the Royal parasite herself.

However do not be fooled by the frailty she now shows , she is descended from a long line of murdering despots that used the island of Britain to control and protect their freemason gang globally. London was picked to serve as the global control network for a bunch of thieves, deviants, perverts and psychopaths who show some of the weirdest form of loyalty to this evil network of power. A network so vast it can plunder wealth from the four corners of the globe using a scheme were the courts, but particularly her hand picked global judicial mafia, have a central control point right at the heart of London city.

In the past their fiefdoms had been used to plunder villages were the King or Queens henchmen raided then burnt down selected peasantry for the feudal lords and the main cause of civil wars when the peasants en masse fought back. However they operate a very different method for removing men from their estates, the family courts. They have created a worldwide propaganda network that ensures endless smearing of the men they are about to rob and leave homeless and penniless under the guise of helping ex-wives when they are in fact helping themselves .

Men not part of their creepy network, headed by the Queen's loyal lord lieutenant the Duke of Kunt, have been persecuted using every arm of the state to the point were men are killing themselves rather than face the horrors of what Herr Majesty's henchmen can inflict physically, mentally and financially with their press barons composing the vile smear campaigns that justify these attacks on mens lives. Their esoteric adventures are primarily a way for the ruling establishment to enrich themselves with their lackeys eating out of the same trough after they remove good mens estates through stealthy manipulation of the laws they themselves control and judge over and a tyranny that makes all other forms of terrorism pale next to their trillion dollar scams.

  • Masons pretend to possess "esoteric knowledge." When you examine their so-called wisdom it turns out to be potted nonsense or psycho-babble.
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