The lunatics really are running the asylum
While Obama and Cameron are busily concentrating the minds of the sheeple, via their tamed media, on some CIA/Mossad concocted Middle eastern faction that they claim commit EVIL they ensure those minds are concentrated far from the homelands of Britain and America where the really TRUE evil is taking place.

The real psychopathic terrorists, that are causing far more death and destruction than all that is going on across the Middle east, are the ruthless madmen selected personally by the royal parasite herself as the judicial mafia of two countries that are totally controlled and dominated by the sick minds of the zionist / freemasons hell bent on destroying men dragged into their courts for a kind of EVIL that is like no other EVIL manufactured anywhere else on earth.

For those as yet to be fully indoctrinated into the sick minds of the law society terrorists that are the multi trillion dollar scammers, there are no words that can truly describe the depths of evil they operate in until you are caught up in the madness that masquerades as some sort of legal fiction destroying the families of millions of fathers trapped in the biggest most evil network of power across the globe. The freemason godfather the Duke of Kent behind the masterminding of the ruthless use and abuse of the law against the men entangled in their legal scams that plunge them into hellholes of psychological torture and financial mayhem and why so many men prefer suicide than facing the depths of depravity these sick fuckers enforce and totally unaware of what awaits them on the demise of their marriage or relationship.

We will continue to alert the deluded sheeple that they can either heed the psychopathic lunatics like Obama (a lawyer)and Cameron for direction as to what exactly they view as EVIL or examine their own psychopathic tendencies on what they do to protect their political and legal masters.

There are madmen globally getting away with torture and murder while the hand picked scum and filth rant endlessly about pseudo terrorism that will NEVER affect men across Britain and America and beyond but who face the real evil of the legal terrorists committing the most heinous of crimes that to this day remain unreported by a media machine protecting their vile arses at every opportunity and with a VAST array of distractions and smokescreens that keep the sheeple's minds otherwise engaged.

  • Law society terrorists are WORRIED about online assets getting out of THEIR reach(under the guise they are helping the family instead of themselves)