So just how evil is Britain?
evil media

Just some of Britain's EVIL media

Britain's evil media controllers. The Barclay brothers (Daily Telegraph), Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (Daily Express ), Rupert Murdoch (Ex-News of the World, The Sun and Times) and BBC's Danny Cohen

As the UK approaches another election a disturbing trend is once again showing the extent of how evil a high percentage of Britons really are. As happened in the 1970's when Thatcher continued her reign of terror until she was booted out by her own party for showing increased signs of megalomania and psychopathic tendencies the same thing is happening once again.

While the controlled media make a massive hue and cry about the 150 lost souls in the Germanwings crash thanks to a severely depressed pilot they have all but ignored the tens of thousands of lost souls in Britain who have died thanks to draconian sanctioning measures brought in by the evil tory / libdem regime that has seen their victims suffering from depression being pushed over the edge as their last menial payments are stopped for the most trivial of reasons.

Meanwhile the same media that has ignored the growing stats and deaths rant on about the economic benefits of another term where the tory mass murderers once again will be getting away with murder using their state assassins the DWP and now defunct ATOS replaced by Maximus. The media claim in their dodgy polls that at least 38% of the population will vote tory. Now if that is true then they are either brain dead, brainwashed or just pure EVIL and prepared to ignore the mass murder of their fellow citizens for any supposed gain they will get from the draconian measures that have ruthlessly been used to slay many thousands caught up in a massive zionist / masonic / satanic mass murder to rid Britain of , in their eyes, the useless eaters.

This is not only sick and sinister, that while the zionist controlled media rant on endlessly about the jewish holocaust in Germany they fail to address the tory / libdem holocaust right on their doorstep. So to all those who claim they will vote tory at this election without any conscience they are no better than the Gestapo loving mafia who gassed the sick and disabled while the tory filth use psychological torture to murder with impunity.

For all the good UK people of conscience they must ensure NONE of the political mafia who are party to this form of mass murder get your vote. If the polls in the mass media that claim 38% of the population are prepared to vote tory then Britain truly is full of evil individuals that will allow this holocaust to continue unabated.

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