We have, for well over a decade, been exposing the murky underbelly of the scum and filth freemasons that pollute London's met cops and in cop stations right across the UK. From allowing predatory paedo's like Jimmy Savile to abuse for decades , to aiding and abetting crooked lawyers and judges stealing trillions from mens estates and to now be implicated in smearing families of murder victims you cannot get much lower in the dregs of society than how British cops are operating at present.

Infiltrated into political groups then having sex with their members and like a British stasi secretly spying on us all via prism and NOT, as they claim, to catch terrorists but to smear and persecute families that have lost a loved one through murder. They are now, more than at any time, looking like the sickest most murderous thugs on the planet. Anyone who has died in police custody will have had their families personal data rifled through to ensure these state assassins and thugs with vast arsenals can take out any opposition to their sick and disturbing methods being used to control the masses who have been brainwashed into believing they do all this to protect us.

Only a similarly sick mind could believe these scumbags have the authority to get away with their murderous regime and it is NOT a case of removing the odd bad apple this is a massive barrel of psychopaths hand picked to do the dirty work for the British establishment who are steeped in freemasonry and used to protect their vile system for way to long. We are glad the press barons have finally caught up with their evil tricks and publishing what we have been exposing for years while their media pals like Murdoch have been paying them to get access to our personal data, information they should never have had access to in the first place and being used to destroy anyone not part of their creepy satanic lodge system. Ask any man who has faced years of persecution from these evil bastards when being dragged through the divorce industrial complex.

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