A fathers influence v masonic tyranny
father and son The biggest threat to the scum and filth now controlling the direction of freemasonry are the non mason men who are being targeted by their henchmen within the judiciary . A fathers influence over his children is the most powerful force on the planet and no amount of masonic funded feminist claptrap or homosexual (homopaedo) agenda will change that.

These evil bastards are desperate to separate heterosexual men from any influence they have over their childrens lives and why freemasonry has used some of the most vile abuses of our legal system to undermine those mens rights to continue to provide that influence even when women are encouraged by their media propaganda to remove fathers from their childrens lives and their homes (they could NEVER do this without freemasons embedded in every area of law providing the incentives and legal machinations ).

The freemason judiciary, along with their political allies, have rewritten divorce laws to ensure that is exactly what is happening where men are being isolated from their children, their homes and their assets making those children easy pickings for the perverts in social services to firstly strip the fathers rights and biological strength over the protection of his children and in time then find the excuses to get these stolen children away from the mother and into care homes where the real tyranny begins.

As soon as the father is taken out of the equation that immediately causes psychological disturbances in his children and the more disturbed those kids are the easier they can be manipulated into the New World Order planned by the most ruthless and sadistic bunch of bastards on the planet. In light of the Jimmy Savile scandal it was well exposed that the BBC's top predatory paedo was accessing vulnerable children in care homes for decades and encouraged by the establishment of the UK who use blackmail to force their lackeys into compromised positions and then to do their dirty deeds required without any resistance. The British Royals and their loyal lord lieutenant the Duckey Kent grand master of the United Grand Lodge of England behind the total cover up of the most vile scum and filth on the planet

This is a sick world that is allowing these vile machinations of the law that are seriously undermining good fathers to prop up the freemasonic mafia whose own families do not suffer the same fate and NEVER have to face the same atrocities as the men left homeless, fatherless and penniless thanks to the tyranny of masonic controlled family courts. Those courts finally being exposed as the most sinister part of their agenda and under the guise that somehow they are protecting children when the most important force on this planet is the protection good fathers give to their children over every aspect of their lives and why freemasons have spent so much time and effort concocting plans to undermine them at every opportunity.

Young men, not part of their satanic agenda, need to become fully informed of these evil plans to ensure they avoid the same brutality men have already been caught up in their planned chaos that has seriously undermined their ability to protect their families while the freemasons embedded in all areas of life have made it virtually impossible to survive without using various parts of their network . There are very few sections of modern society that are not being controlled by freemasons at the top and right down to lower management and where the thugs and bullyboys are embedded in the multi national industries that are demanding compliant citizens only to happy to be part of the enslavement system they have created to enrich the upper echelons of freemasonry (the British royals and their senior henchmen) with dysfunctional children who have become fragile and weakened due to fathers being taken out of the equation. There is method in what is clearly outright madness.


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