For fear of endlessly repeating ourselves
Mass media smokescreens continue to provide the cover for the biggest threat on the planet to men. Not by a short margin but by a massive degree. Take all the wars and all the rape, murder and pillage within those wars and the pain, suffering and loss doesn't even come close to the global tyranny going on within the very countries that claim they operate a democratic process.

Top of the list of the THREE rogue states are Israel, America and England, not as asshole daddy Bush would have us believe claiming his personal axis of evil was Iran, Iraq and North Korea. It is the three rogue states of Israel, America and England that are embroiled in a VAST masonic agenda plundering the globe hiding behind the instigators of mayhem and ruin with the fomenting of wars across the Middle East to satisfy the zionist agenda meanwhile destroying MILLIONS upon millions of fathers globally in a tyranny carrying on inside court rooms operating worldwide WITHOUT juries.

While their media have brainwashed the sheeple about their fictitious and manufactured 'TERRORIST' threats, false flags and wars they themselves foment the most pressing concerns men face are far more urgent with a tyranny that doesn't require guns and bombs just a murderous masonic judicial mafia using laws and courts that provide trillion dollar pickings for the monsters hired by the ruling elite to remove men's lifes work. A solitary judicial signature has far more power than all these wars ONLY because they are being allowed impunity by the political mafia who are aiding and abetting them getting away with murder.


They have never and will never have our best interests at heart as our forefathers found out to their cost.

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