These evil bastards are the ultimate terrorists causing more mayhem than ALL other terrorist threats put together and sanctioned by STATE tyranny

At what time in the dim and distant past did an evil group of perverts decide THEY alone would decide the fate of every child born across world? That THEY would usurp the natural power vested in men to ensure only the biological father has the god given right to protect his children against all dangers but especially state tyranny?

Children have for to long been used as a means to line the pockets of man hating feminists while ensuring the crown and its vast army of freemason legal lackeys can seize non-mason men's assets under the guise that they are protecting women and children when the only reason they do take the time and effort is to line their own greedy pockets with those men's hard earned cash. Also the extreme lengths they will go over decades spending enormous amounts of time and effort persecuting men using a massive legal aid pot to ensure they can squeeze every last drop from men targeted by the utter scum and dregs of the earth. Only that their extraction system is so lucrative would they waste so much time and effort browbeating men into submission.

Men who have been caught out in the biggest legal scam in history need to educate young men and boys about the dangers they face while steps are taken to eradicate the evil bastard legal mafia, who have over centuries, manipulated their form of LAW to take away the biological protection children require that only a good father can provide and ONLY a father, and not for jack boot lesbians that have infested social services and womens aid to suggest to women the very opposite. Large numbers of lesbians have also infested the legal system as well as homosexuals virtually running social work for the ulterior motives of an evil crown. Queen Lizzie would NOT be so rich if this vile agenda, manufactured by her freemason lackeys, had not been set in motion and with little resistance from men who have been to busy working hard and earning a living to keep their children fed and clothed.

The homosexual leaning media, while promoting gays, lesbians and judges positively, smear heterosexual men constantly to ensure the judicial mafia have endless continued excuses to remove children from their fathers protection that can led in many cases to seized children ending up in care homes and preyed upon by predatory paedo's like the BBC's Jimmy Savile sanctioned by the main freemason run public broadcaster, freemason cops, freemason social workers and especially freemason judges. That main public broadcaster regularly targets men as wife beaters and abusers despite they themselves having a long history of protecting abusers and predatory paedo's like Jimmy Savile, Stuart Hall, Rolf Harris and Jimmy Tarbuck.

This madness has to STOP and STOP now and men not yet caught up in these monstrous scams need to heed the warnings from men that have tasted the harassment and persecution in action and have seen many fathers murdered by the system using psychological and financial torture while leaving millions of others homeless, fatherless and penniless.

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