Anytime you hear a muppet on tv, radio or newspapers stating we must all abide by the rule of law you can be sure that muppet is a mouthpiece for the freemason mafia. Laws are only laws when a jury approved by the defendant guarantees some level of impartiality NOT judged over by a cabal of murderous freemason monsters hell bent on using their powers to destroy men en masse with impunity.

This isn't just the utter abuse of powers they have NEVER had any right to give themselves this is a vile global group of evil bastards hand picked by the royalist cabal of freemasons to exert maximum psychological pressure on their targets prior to fleecing them and pushing them into an early grave. While their media rant on about all the supposed atrocities across the world there is none more atrocious than the powers these evil bastards are using to destroy millions of men while helping themselves to their worldly possessions. Nothing in history compares to the massive destruction of men globally than what is going on behind the closed doors of secret courts run and controlled by a 5,000,000 strong army of henchmen acting solely to preserve the power and might of the British monarchy along with Israeli interests who pull the strings of their goyim dimwits who signed up to sell their soul to the devil and do the devils work of destroying men and their families.

Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria pale next to the global destruction of men that is kept out of the newspapers as the very bastards charged with administering those 'LAWS' control the media via the legal mafia and all of it centred in the masonic capital of the world London. That is where the main hooks and crooks operate from with a global command centre issuing the orders to destroy, as many as possible, non mason men outwith their creepy satanic sect. It is not as easy to use bombs and guns against their victims living in the same country as the ease with which they carry out these atrocities across the Middle East for and on behalf of Israeli interests and the zionists who pull the masonic strings especially in the UK and USA. We are being constantly brainwashed and diverted from the real atrocities that make all other crimes pale next to the multi trillion dollar thieving the judicial mafia are carrying out for and on behalf of the ruling royal establishment, who centuries ago instigated the terrorists that secretly work behind the scenes acting as a cover for their global despotism . Murder, not through bombing and guns, but through the psychological torture of every single victim of the massive attack on decent men facing a ruthless but silent and deadly force.

What is much worse is that those same 5,000,000 dimwitted lackeys do not fall under the same laws as the rest of the world's population as was proved when Jimmy Savile was protected by those same forces during his rampaging decades of child abuse when not a single freemason cop did anything to protect his victims and shows the enormous evil forces men are up against.


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