law society and the united grand lodge of england

The Law Society and United Grand Lodge of England brothers in arms destroying men for profit

There is only one terrorist group men need to be ever vigilant about and that's the global terrorist ring of the Law Society. So WHY don't we hear anything about their terrorism in the gutter press? It's no coincidence that they are ALL controlled by law society media lawyers sitting in judgement over what and what doesn't get published. That would include the media lawyer working for the Murdoch mafia who was behind the mass hacking of phones of the victims of his empire so he could get EXCLUSIVE'S in his vile tacky rags like the SUN and News Of the World. He would still be doing it if it wasn't for the fact they tried to hack the royal parasite's except they had their spy henchmen at MI5 and 6 who soon found out who was doing the hacking.

Men are not being killed en masse by the supposed terror threats from the Middle East NOOOO men are being psychologically and financially destroyed by crooked judges and lawyers ALL part of a global sting that steals men's properties , assets and most especially children with impunity, many driven to suicide by horrific pressures induced by the satanic cabal running the law. That is a group of sick psychopaths making up laws as they go along to feed their sinister satanic network headed by the Dukey Kent acting for the sole interest of the biggest despot on the planet the royal parasite herself old Lizzie.

All the other 'pseudo' terrorism is a distraction aimed at keeping men, not already targeted, from seeing just who is killing their brothers under the guise of laws manufactured by some of the most murderous vermin on the planet disguising themselves with all the masonic influenced robes and regalia but in the end you cannot dress up a turd to be anything other than a turd.

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