Freemason menace: whores for their satanic masters

There is one type of man, if you could call these moronic bastards men at all, who are blindly led into a devious and dangerous system of control and forever remain duped by their inability to intellectually work out that they are gophers for a monstrous mafia. They are prepared to make utter fools of themselves wearing stupid wee pinnies and to put pictures of themselves out across the internet unaware they look completely ridiculous and exactly what their masters want TOTAL COMPLIANCE.

They are under the illusion that somehow they are SPECIAL hand picked to do the bidding of the psychopaths who dominate their cult. Oh they are SPECIAL all right for the fact that they are so lacking in brain cells they are prepared to go through rituals that ensure that they can be blackmailed while living under a dark cloud that if they break the silence about their mafia godfathers they will end up like Roberto Calvi who at 7:30 am on Friday, 18 June 1982 was found swinging from scaffolding beneath Blackfriars Bridge, London with his coat stuffed with bricks.

Now the freemasons claim they are charity givers and make good men great in all their flannel pumped out to try and attract new members as most of them are old and decrepit who carry the legacy of some of the most vile murderous plots on the planet. Anything that is EVIL you can be sure one or more of their whores is implicated somewhere along the line but due to the secrecy of their 5 million + lackeys and with a total hold over the world's media through media lawyers (mostly freemasons) it is impossible to pin them down as to how many are implicated in their murderous plots.

The BBC and other main broadcasters give them airtime to spout their 'good will' message while suggesting this is some sort of exposure of their crimes. The BBC is full of masons and behind the sinister protection of the paedo ring headed by Jimmy Savile that allowed their perverted presenters easy access to abuse children even while on BBC premises. Maybe one of the most disturbing exposures that has arisen of late to show the DEPTHS of infiltration they have into every area of life we depend on for survival.

Only concerted determined actions to waken the sheeple from their masonic slumber will see the masonic menace brought properly into the daylight and concerted efforts and pressure placed on all the institutions we rely on for oversight and to weed out the masonic menace in the corridors of power that are still to this day allowing them to continue to get away with murder. There are millions of men's dead bodies strewn across the world's landscape due to the masonic menace and psychological torture while fleecing every last penny from their estates . Something their media have NEVER properly exposed and who protected them for way to long.

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