BBC make sure cameramen get a good shot of the masonic monolith in Glasgow Green
nelsons column glasgow green

masonic monoliths

Like Glastonbury with its pyramid stage the masonic madmen who are overly embedded in the BBC ensure they provide the backdrop of Glasgow Green for their BIG WEEKEND festival with another Nelson column similar to the one in London's Trafalgar Square totally dominating Glasgow Green. Few there would fully understand the significance of how supposed war memorials of all descriptions are a disguise for masonic control that is totally rife in Glasgow and protects them from damage always inferring their relationship to war dead. Thousands of men, not part of their creepy satanic network get screwed by these evil bastards, yet the BBC think it acceptable to shove their creepy monoliths down our throats.

They did the same for many years when their NUMBER ONE disc jockey was the vile predatory paedo Jimmy Savile who was the force behind the BBC music output. A freemason protected by the brotherhood within the BBC who got away with decades of abusing youngsters while being given £millions from the long suffering BBC licence payers to buy his limousines and luxury flats that lured youngsters into his satanic dens of debauchery. Sick and disturbing these evil bastards are still getting away with the masonic brainwashing.

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