As if the world's media do not create enough bullshit for the world's sheeple to consume, when it comes to the British royal parasites they totally unite to create a facade of moral self righteousness when promoting these evil bastards as some sort of force for good.

As victims of their freemason henchmen who have been deployed in every area of British life under the control of the Queens loyal lord lieutenant the duke of kunt these vermin are the inbreed scum and filth who are responsible for the enormous pain and suffering of millions of men and their children cheated out of their livelihoods by their evil bastard henchmen and why they are the richest and most powerful despots on the planet. They have in residence judges, cops, lawyers and bailiffs who do their bidding and who descend en masse on families whose lives are ripped apart and destroyed of every last bastion of decency while their masonic press barons globally hold them up as some sort of godly creatures when they are the lowest form of life with their lackeys getting away with total murder and that doesn't include the wars they manufacture and used as an excuse to kill millions of their victims.

When you have a centuries old scheme that encompasses the globe to protect ONLY them and their henchmen you have global tyranny and which their compliant media ensures is protected at every level, instead creating a facade of pomp and ceremony that hides the evil wickedness that their forefathers are implicated in that plundered the world under the British Empire and where their masonic thugs raped and pillaged with total impunity. That same enormous scheme goes on to this day in every court across the UK and globally where English law is imposed on the unsuspecting public. How can you believe anything their media tells you if they can provide the lies and deceit that elevates them to some sort of superstars on the back of their crimes against humanity?

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