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Jonathan Harmsworth ( Viscount Rothermere) likes to stay below the radar, not like his partner in crime Rupert Murdoch who enjoys the limelight. However next to the VILE Murdoch 'SUN' the 'DAILY MAIL' comes a very close second in pumping out some of the most despicable, fascist, royalist, warmongering shite that is fairly typical of the editorial from the UK's twisted press barons and who happens to be one of the richest tax dodging bastards on the face of the earth.

His pathological hatred of the peasants, while endlessly kissing the Royal arse, comes across continually in an editorial that would not look out of place as part of the master plan of the Gestapo just prior to sending the 'USELESS' eaters down to the gas ovens for extermination. But what can you expect from the utter filth that was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and who, thanks to his none to cosy a relationship with the Royal parasite herself , has been allowed to publish endless HATE campaigns against the peasants, the poor, the sick, the disabled and those least able to defend themselves with complete impunity.

If there is a revolution overdue then this should be one of the first mansions to be invaded by the peasants, Ferne House set in 224 acre estate in Wiltshire and where this bastard lives in vast opulence while supposedly hiding in France to avoid tax and with an offshore account in Bermuda where all his corrupt wealth gets funneled while he continues to attack the peasantry as if they are something stuck to the bottom of his well heeled boot.


ferne park

quote from Stephen Smith HERE

"The one thing Johnson said which gave real food for thought was his strong assertion, repeated in the Daily Mail the day after, that there is ‘a direct correlation between effort and achievement.’ Actually Boris, you and your Bullingdon Club pals Dave and wee George Osborne, along with the owner of the rag which printed this garbage, are the living proof that the opposite is the case.

Because simply coming from a wealthy family, having a private school education and attending Oxford or Cambridge University are sure-fire ways to access ‘achievement’ more effectively than mere hard graft and application.

Step forward Jonathan Harmsworth.

Ever heard of him?

Thought not.

Mr Harmsworth is one of the most influential people in the UK. Otherwise known as the 4th Viscount Rothermere, the 43 year old Daily Mail owner is worth a cool £1,020,000,000. Jonathan inherited his family fortune of over £1b in 1998 and ironically given the Mail’s anti-French – well, anti-everybody not English – stance is, er, French. Athough only for UK tax purposes, the avoidance of, you understand…

I doubt Jonathan has ever faced anything more challenging than deciding between Bollinger, Krug or Kristal, so what does it say about supposedly meritocratic Britain that our entire political discourse is heavily influenced by a viciously right-wing, non-domiciled, tax dodging aristocrat whose main ‘effort and achievement’ was being born his father’s son?

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  • Ferne House
  • Press dynasty coming home from exile to a '£6m' mansion
  • Harmsworth's bully boy Daily Hate ensures that any article offering dissenting views is purged with totalitarian rigour, while scumbag Dacre's terrified minions, knowing what is expected of them, never make such mistakes in the first place
  • How can you trust Harmsworth's rag the Daily Mail that writes this obituary for a KNOWN predatory paedo BBC's Jimmy Savile (2011)
  • Harmsworth's 50th attended by the creme de la creme of British society (a fancy name for posh twats)
  • Harold Jonathan Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere (You can't dress a turd up in fancy names and turn it into something else)
  • More Harmsworth bullshit , 4th Viscount Rothermere
  • Vile Daily Rat editor Paul Dacre gets £250k in EU subsidies for his sporting estate in Wester Ross
  • Billionaire Harmsworth rag seeks skivvies to do work of sacked council staff

    Ultra rich Harmsworth uses his vile right wing rag to promote slave labour and the numpties prepared to do the work that council staff should be doing but for the extreme cuts made by the tory scum that Harmsworth promotes at every opportunity.

    We don't see this inherited wealth scumbag or his political pal Johnson and his right wing writers volunteering to traipse through the streets of Britain picking up garbage that only morons who would fall for this utter bullshit doing the work that former council staff used to get paid to do before huge cuts to services by the tory filth.

  • The widely-despised right-wing newspaper, Harmsworth's Daily Mail, has lost almost 1,000,000 readers over the past 10 years.
  • Daily Fail claims 20,000 volunteer 'HEROES' are unpaid slave labour bin men

    Heroes? More like lunatics taking over the job of sacked bin men
    Rothermere family, Daily Mail

    While his nasty fascist rag smears the peasants daily he sits in vast opulence NOT through hard work but through vast inheritance.

    A Lady Rothermere trust is recorded in Jersey. It appears to refer to the late Lord Rothermere's second wife, Maiko Lee, of Korean nationality. She did not respond to our invitations to comment. Rothermere's son Jonathan by his first wife inherited the Daily Mail, also through a Jersey trust, and a Bermuda-registered offshore entity.

    Harmsworth is estimated to be worth £760m. He has not denied claiming tax concessions as a "non-dom", on the grounds that his father lived in Paris. He resides at Ferne Park, a stately home in Wiltshire built for him by architect Quinlan Terry.

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  • Harmsworth's fascist Daily Rat unhappy the BBC has pointed out there is poverty on the streets of Britain

    Inherited wealth royal arse kissing psychopath at the helm flooding Britain's streets with outrageous far right wing bullshit smearing the peasants as scroungers while propping up the biggest vilest despotic parasitic regime on the planet

  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat still propping up the power dressing royal mafia (no shortage of public cash to rig them out in all their finery and pompous regalia)
  • While the UK goes down the Brexshit tube Harmsworth's Daily Rat promotes slave labour

    Instead of paying people to clean the streets inherited wealth Harmsworth wants the sheeple to volunteer into a slave labour scheme with NO payment. We can only see how long that will last before the volunteers realise what this is really all about. A vast army of unpaid volunteers working for the government for FREE.
    Harmsworth's Daily Rat pushing the free binmen scam (slave labour)

    Rich boys dirty fascist rag promotes FREE slave labour binmen. We can NEVER see this inherited wealth toff picking up a rubbish bin and filling it with the SHIT gutter rags he prints and floods the streets of Britain with royalist bullshit.
    Harmsworth the rich inherited arse who backs the tory's fascist murderous tendencies

    Harmsworth / Greig's hatchet job on Corbyn

    We are no big friends of Labour, many of who are old Blairites and part of the Friends of Israel mafia, but the fascist rags that the likes of Harmsworth controls are getting away with murder smearing any opposition to the mass murdering tory filth while they prop up a royal mafia and press control needs sorted out. The tory's trail of the dead will continue while Harmsworth and his ilk are themselves getting away with MURDER with NO oversight.

  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat sinks boot into Corbyn using ex-wives while promoting the queen and her sprogs as godly (The only ray of hope of getting rid of the tory murdering scum and Harmsworth uses his filthy rag to smear any opposition to a murderous tory fascist regime. But his family have always had a long history of supporting Fascists like the Black shirts and Oswald Mosely's British Union of Fascists )
  • Harmsworth's Daily Rat the most vile gutter rag on the planet controlled by a rich inherited toff with extreme fascist tendencies (Despite the tory's murderous policies Harmsworth backs their evil ways to the hilt by attacking the opposition)
  • The tory and royal scum's bum boy Harmsworth uses his printing presses to smear anyone who opposes the fascist tory's murderous tendencies
  • Is the editor of the Daily Mail Paul Dacre the most dangerous man in Britain?(Now retired)
  • If you can get even more deranged than the crazy nut former Daily Rat editor Dacre, Geordie Greig begins reign as Daily Mail editor
  • Daily Mail: new editor scumbag Geordie Greig and new ‘enemies of the people’(A lackey for Harmsworth's fascist extremes)
  • 8,000 people die months after being rejected for disability benefit, Tories admit (Murderous tory regime STILL getting away with murder. How many have to die before the peasants rise up and how many fucking scumbags vote for these murderous thugs to run the country in fascist Britain?)
  • Much more on the gutter rags here
  • Daily Mail owner kissing the political and royal arses
    harmsworth kissing Cameron and the royals arses
    Harmsworth with the Queen, Cameron and Prince Phillip

    Harmsworth and his tacky rag the Daily Mail comes a close second to the vile Murdoch mafia in manipulating the sheeple across Britain daily with his twisted form of NEWS reporting. He has been allowed to spout hate campaigns against the poorest sections of British society while glorifying the royal parasites as if they are some sort of force for good.

    While he smears the peasants as scroungers he tries to justify the billions stolen through the royals form of taxation and benefits endorsed by her Eton groomed tory political lackeys like Cameron. Not even the Labour party has made any attempt to contain the vast opulence they live by scrounging from the British state despite the Queen personally owning once sixth of the world's land mass at the last count.

    The only thing Harmsworth is good at is kissing , at every opportunity, the royals and their lackeys arses. A bastard with a sick pathological hatred of any peasant that owns less than he does through his vast inheritance and nothing to do with any effort on his part.

  • Vile Harmsworth rag attacks UN for daring to investigate tory scum's evil murderous welfare cuts responsible for thousands of deaths
  • Daily Rat, Harmsworth, Ferne Park, polo and kissing the royal arse far to often for comfort
  • Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth, The value of her land holding alone is £17,600,000,000,000 (Stolen by her despotic forefathers and using freemason judges today to steal mens land and properties in family courts right across the globe)
  • The Most Powerful Woman in the World
  • Saxe-Coburg and Gotha
  • The name Saxe-Coburg-Gotha came to the British Royal Parasites in 1840
  • Media finally admit Queen is BY FAR the richest person in the world (so why don't the RICH LISTS state that?)
  • Royal mafia and their meaningless titles to make themselves LOOK important when they are NOT
  • How the richest despot on the planet avoids scrutiny of her vast riches, SHE hides them behind a facade of the STATE and CROWN
  • The dodges that push the richest despot on the planet down the trillionaire list
  • Prince William Taking Two Huge Steps To Become The "Masonic Christ"!
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  • A Jewish King And Queen Of England? It's Possible
  • Why is the British royal family named Windsor so damn important?
  • The "Jewish" Conspiracy is British Imperialism
  • The Occult Reason For The Royal Wedding
  • The Royal family and the freemasons
  • Rothermere’s patriot games: The Man Who Hates Paying Any Tax In Britain
    FOR a man whose newspapers love Britain so much, the 4th Viscount Rothermere is remarkably enamoured of the world’s tax havens as shelters for his enormous riches.

    Since 1995, three years before the Hon Jonathan Harmsworth (as he then was) inherited the Daily Mail & General Trust plc empire from his father, the 3rd Viscount, the group has been controlled through a company, Rothermere Continuation Ltd, registered in Bermuda but run from Jersey (one offshore specialist told the Eye that companies registered in Britain’s Caribbean overseas territories have the advantage of being “very portable”).

    Rothermere and DMGT non-executive John Hemingway – a retired lawyer who advises the wealthy on “structuring and management of their family resources” - are directors of this company, which is owned by an unknown trust administered in Jersey for the benefit of Rothermere and his family.

    Following an offshore transaction earlier this year (see Eye 1344), which almost certainly avoided a hefty stamp duty bill, Rothermere Continuation Ltd now owns all the voting shares in DMGT and receives more than £10m a year of the dividends paid annually by what is – thanks to the Mail’s online soft porn offering and other commercial ventures including the Euromoney magazine publishing business and property website Zoopla – a highly profitable media group.

    Serious tax advantages

    This ownership chain combines patriotically with Rothermere’s “non-domiciled” tax status – exposed four and a half years ago by Eye 1231 but otherwise unreported elsewhere in the media – to produce serious tax advantages. Under the status, whereby an individual claims ultimate allegiance to another country – in Rothermere’s case, ahem, France – the offshore income into which the Bermudan and Jersey network converts the DMGT spoils is taxed only when “remitted” to the UK. As Eye 1349’s Tax, Lies & Videotape report exposed, loopholes aplenty ensure that, in the words of one of Britain’s most senior tax accountants, “to all intents and purposes for your well advised truly wealthy [non-dom] this is a complete exemption for investment income and gains” (which is what the vast majority of Rothermere’s DMGT income is).

    Eye readers won’t need reminding, either, that the current Lord Rothermere, although born in Hammersmith and educated at Gordonstoun in Scotland, inherited his privileged tax status from his father, the 3rd Viscount, Vere Harmsworth, who had himself acquired a French “domicile of choice” by becoming a tax exile in Paris from the 1970s and pledging his lifelong allegiance to the country about which his papers were not always so kind.

    Under the absurd rules governing non-dom status, when Rothermere fils was born in 1967 he immediately acquired France as his “domicile of birth”. Not that his heart has ever been across La Manche, other than for holidays at the family chateau in the Dordogne, so in 2008 HM Revenue & Customs were poised to investigate whether – based on such evidence as building a sprawling neo-Palladian family home, Ferne House, in 240 acres of grounds in Wiltshire, and his position as a freeman of the City of London – Rothermere had surrendered his non-dom status. Following the intervention of the then HMRC tax boss Dave Hartnett, however, the investigation was pulled.

    Bewildering web of companies and trusts

    When in 2006 the house needed new east and west wings to accommodate an expanding family, the non-dom tax break loopholes seem to have come in handy, enabling Rothermere to borrow money using his offshore-held DMGT shares as security, rather than bringing millions of his fortune into the UK and facing a full income tax charge on it.

    It is not just his controlling stake in DMGT that Rothermere owns offshore, through a bewildering web of companies and trusts. Other investments, including minority stakes in other DMGT companies such as Euromoney, are held by a Jersey company formed in 1988 and now tracked down by the Eye, Rothermere Investments Ltd. It is controlled by two trusts, described simply as the “Rothermere 1995” and the “Rothermere 1985”. The former is said to reside in Jersey but with BVI companies Harmsworth Trust Co (PTC) Ltd and Crestbrook Associates (PTC) Ltd as its trustees. The latter trust gives an address in Geneva and its trustees are the first BVI company and Swiss trust administrator Summit International.

    While these trusts establish control of Rothermere Investments Ltd, the tax planning is played out through a string of specially created “preferred shares” held by yet another BVI outfit, Harmsworth Trust Co Ltd, and a Bermudan company, Sheridan Co Ltd. The latter operates from the same Geneva address as the “Rothermere 1985” trust (while Caribbean companies are great legally, nearer tax havens are required for the rubber-stamping board meetings that establish offshore tax residence).

    Offshore secrecy

    Together they own 112 separate classes of shares, with one class of “accumulation” and one of “distributing” for each year from 2005 to 2060. The scheme allows money to be extracted from Rothermere Investments Ltd more tax-efficiently by redeeming shares in the company each year rather than taking dividends from it. In this way a non-dom brings non-taxable returns of capital rather than income back into the UK, although offshore secrecy prevents anybody seeing accounts for the Jersey company that might indicate just how much it is worth to Rothers in tax saved.

    Evidence from the Bermudan courts, obtained for the Eye by the Offshore Alert monitoring service, shows there to be yet more layers to the Rothermere offshore onion. Sheridan Co Ltd, owner of most of the “distributing” preferred shares, is itself owned by yet another trust, the Rothermere 1985 Bermuda Declaration. 2010 court papers concerning a dispute with a former trust administrator show that Sheridan owns shares in companies unrelated to DMGT.

    ‘Love Britain so much’

    Along with share portfolios, certain Rothermere land interests are held tax-efficiently offshore too. For a non-dom, even land deep in the English countryside ultimately escapes inheritance tax if held through offshore trusts. So last year when Rothermere invested in a favourite polo club, Druids Lodge, near the Ferne Park pile, he did so through a limited liability partnership in which the Rothermere interest is held, yet again, by one of the BVI trusts that controls the Jersey investment company. Little more is yet known about Druid’s Lodge Polo LLP, however, since Companies House records show that its accounts are overdue.

    As, perhaps, are a retreat from the offshore world’s murkiest corners for the paper and proprietor that love Britain so much and an end to the absurd non-dom tax law that enables him to dodge his dues.

  • How bastard Harmsworth and his vile editor Dacre attacked the weakest, sick and disabled

  • Harmsworth's vile attacks on the poorest aided the tory assassins the DWP to psychologically and financially torture, to the point of suicide, thousands of former claimants extensive proof HERE
  • Fascist rags like the Daily Mail and the Express routinely publish disabled smear campaigns
  • The Philpott Case, and the Media especially the Daily RAT
  • Daily Mail Front Page On Mick Philpott Provokes Online Storm (headlined "Vile Product Of Welfare UK")
  • What Harmsworth's Daily Rat said about BBC paedo Savile on his death

    'A proper British eccentric': Tributes pour in as DJ, TV presenter and charity marathon runner extraordinaire Sir Jimmy Savile dies

    By Sarah Bull
    Updated: 09:07 GMT, 31 October 2011

    Sir Jimmy Savile has died at his home aged 84.

    The former presenter, most famous for his show Jim'll Fix It, passed away at his home in Roundhay, Leeds just two days before his 85th birthday. Tonight, tributes for the veteran presenter poured in from the world of show business, with actor Ricky Gervais tweeting: 'RIP Jimmy Saville My first guest on my first TV Show A proper British eccentric.'

    BBC radio presenter Nicky Campbell tweeted: 'SirJimmy Savile-a man so unique,a character so extraordinary, a personality so fascinating yet impenetrable. You could not have made him up.' Radio presenter David Hamilton said that Sir Jimmy, who was knighted for his services to charity, worked 'tirelessly' to raise funds for various causes.

    'He was a very energetic character,' Mr Hamilton told Sky News.

    'But most of all, I remember him as just a totally flamboyant, over the top, larger than life character and as he was on the air, he was just the same off.' Sir Jimmy's fellow DJ, Dave Lee Travis, told Sky News: 'For some unknown reason, with Jim, you couldn't anticipate that he wasn't going to be around anymore - he was such a powerful presence. 'He was one of the first DJs that actually became a personality.'

    The Apprentice's Lord Sugar wrote: 'Sad news on the death of Jimmy Savile very funny man and did loads of work for charity RIP.' Radio presenter Paul Burnett told Sky News that Sir Jimmy's charity work was a 'two way street', adding: 'He didn't have a family as such and so when he took on a charity, that became his family. 'He did a lot of work as a porter in the hospital that he collected money for. He would go there at night and work as a porter and I think he loved the people that he worked with, it wasn't just for the publicity, but he knew the charities were doing well out of it as well.

    'He was capable of acts of great kindness. You didn't really ever get to know "the man" because he was a showman, and like so many showmen that's - that's their main thing in life and he did it brilliantly.' Classical singer Katherine Jenkins tweeted: 'Sad news Jimmy Saville has passed away.My sis & I always wanted a Jim'll Fix it Badge/Medal. Loved that show.Great memories #RIPJimmySaville.' The cause of death is not yet known but tonight two of Sir Jimmy's nephews confirmed that he died peacefully in his sleep last night.

    Roger Foster and Ian McKenna paid tribute to Sir Jimmy outside his flat. Mr Foster said: 'It is with deep sadness that I can tell you that our uncle Sir Jimmy Savile passed away quietly in his sleep during the night. 'Jimmy was a wonderful man, his public face is well-known but we knew him as much more than an uncle, he was a very good friend. 'Jimmy will be sadly missed by very many people. We would like to thank the people who have already offered their condolences.'

    A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: 'Police were called at 12.10pm today to the discovery of a man's body at a house in Roundhay, Leeds. 'The body of a man in his 80s was found at the property. There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death.' Sir Jimmy was born in Leeds on Halloween in 1926, the seventh child (‘I was the “not again!” child’) of Vincent, a bookmaker’s clerk, and Agnes, the woman he always called the Duchess.

    TV legend: Savile with one of his famous Jim'll Fix It medals

    Me and the Duchess: Savile and his mother at Buckingham Palace in 1972 where he received his OBE

    He almost died from pneumonia when just five months old but miraculously recovered after his mother went out to the local church to pray to a deceased Scottish nun. He again narrowly escaped death as a teenager in his first job when working as a miner.

    An underground explosion brought down the coal face on his back damaging his spine to such an extent that he was told he would never walk again. But he proved the doctors wrong when he threw his sticks away just three years later. He raised staggering amounts for charity - his accountant lost track after £40million - much of it for patients with spinal injuries. Sir Jimmy claimed to have set up the world's first disco in Leeds in 1948.

    His work in the dance-halls was eventually spotted and he was asked to move on to radio where he rapidly acquired national fame, first with Radio Luxembourg and then with BBC Radio 1. He later competed as a semi-professional sportsman, taking part in the 1951 Tour of Britain cycle race and a professional wrestler. He fought 107 bouts, lost 100 and won just seven, insisting it was never fixed.


    Ricky Gervais: 'RIP Jimmy Saville My first guest on my first TV Show A proper British eccentric.'

    Radio presenter Nicky Campbell: 'Sir Jimmy Savile - a man so unique,a character so extraordinary, a personality so fascinating yet impenetrable. You could not have made him up.'

    DJ Tony Blackburn: 'He was a one-off - that's the way he'll be remembered, really - but in particular all that money he raised for charity.'

    Stuart Hall, broadcaster: 'He had lots of imitators, the one and only Jimmy Savile.'

    Radio presenter David Hamilton: 'I remember him as just a totally flamboyant, over the top, larger than life character and as he was on the air, he was just the same off.'

    Lord Alan Sugar: Sad news on the death of Jimmy Savile very funny man and did loads of work for charity RIP.'

    Katherine Jenkins: 'Sad news Jimmy Saville has passed away.My sis & I always wanted a Jim'll Fix it Badge/Medal. Loved that show.Great memories #RIPJimmySaville.'

    Carol Vorderman: 'RIP Jimmy Saville .... Leeds has lost a much loved son ... and we have lost a ray of sunshine .... #happymemories x

    Talking about his sporting past, Sir Jimmy once said: 'If you look at the athletics of it, I've done over 300 professional bike races, 212 marathons and 107 pro fights. 'No wrestler wanted to go back home and say a long-haired disc jockey had put him down. So from start to finish I got a good hiding. I've broken every bone in my body. I loved it.' In 1964, Sir Jimmy presented the very first edition of Top Of The Pops from a television studio in Manchester. He was then invited to present the last episode of the BBC show in 2006.

    In the 1970s he started a 20-year run as host of Jim'll Fix It, working miracles for more than 1,500 children. Among the more famous fix-its was the time when he arranged for an unknown 11-year-old called Nigel Kennedy to perform on television. Kennedy then went on to become one of the world's most celebrated violinists. During his time in the television and radio industries, Sir Jimmy became famous for catchphrases including 'How's about that, then?', 'Now then, now then, now then', 'Goodness gracious', and 'Guys and gals'.

    Sir Jimmy was known for his distinctive appearance, which included a tracksuit or shell suit and gold jewellery, and was frequently spoofed by comedians including Mike Yarwood. Sir Jimmy's earnings were substantial and he owned at least eight homes, including flats in Regent's Park, Bournemouth, Leeds and Scarborough. Among his six cars were a Bentley Turbo, a Mercedes 500 SL and a flashy Rolls-Royce. He was a paid consultant to travel agent Thomas Cook and charged a minimum of £10,000 for personal appearances.

    He became a regular visitor to Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace, and Highgrove and was used as an intermediary in an attempt to resolve the differences between the Prince and Princess of Wales shortly before their split. Asked why he was invited so often by the Royal family, he once said: 'Royalty are surrounded by people who don't know how to deal with it. I have a freshness of approach which they obviously find to their liking. I think I get invited because I have a natural good fun way of going on and we have a laugh. They don't get too many laughs.' Satirist Chris Morris targeted him in 1994 by announcing on Radio 1 that the presenter had died and broadcasting his obituary. Legal action was threatened and apology issued.

    And Louis Theroux probed his apparently odd lifestyle for his Weird Weekends series, staying with the presenter for his When Louis Met Jimmy programme. During the documentary, Theroux visited his suede-walled flat in Scarborough which was a shrine to the former DJ's late mother, with her old bedroom perfectly preserved. News of Sir Jimmy's death also prompted tributes from the world of politics.

    Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said: 'Sir Jimmy Savile was one of broadcasting's most unique and colourful characters. From Top Of The Pops, to making children's dreams come true on Jim'll Fix It, a generation of people will remember his catchphrases and sense of fun. 'But his lasting legacy will be the millions he raised for charity, tirelessly giving up his time and energy to help those causes he was passionate about.' And former deputy Labour leader Lord Prescott tweeted: "Sad to hear of Jimmy Savile's death. Tireless fundraiser and a real character. £nowthennowthen."

    A memorial and book of condolence to Sir Jimmy has been set up in Savile's Hall, opposite the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds. The foyer of the hall will also feature a life-size poster of Sir Jimmy in his trademark Jim'll Fix It chair, which was bought by the hall off Ebay three years ago. James Vincent, managing director of Royal Armouries International, said: 'Sir Jimmy was a great friend and a driving force for us and we want to pay tribute to the man.

    'He was a legend, an extraordinary larger than life character. 'We share the grief of his passing and hope his loyal local fans will appreciate this as a fitting place in which to honour his memory and lay any flowers or mementoes.'

  • Daily 'Hate the peasants' owner Harmsworth caught kissing the royal arses again

  • Royal parasites to close connection with journalists who write for the UK's gutter press
  • Daily Mail boss Paul Dacre is a bully, coward and hypocrite VIDEO
    Daily Rat's twisted editor Dacre finally gets the boot who was HATED by many of his fellow countrymen

    The royalist loving peasant hating fucker will no longer pollute Britain's streets with his form of fascist propaganda, painting the poor as the baddies and the royal gangsters as the goodies.

  • Daily Rat editor Paul Dacre to step down in November
  • BBC pour praise over the Daily Rat's evil bastard editor
  • Much more on the fascist editor and owner of the world's most hated extremist right wing propaganda rag
  • Vile Daily Rat editor Paul Dacre gets £250k in EU subsidies for his sporting estate in Wester Ross
    paul dacre The editor of the virulently anti-EU ‘Daily Mail’, Paul Dacre, has landed more than a quarter of a million pounds in EU subsidies for his sporting estate in Wester Ross. Fascist lackey of Daily Mail owner Harmsworth, Paul Dacre has owned the 14,000-acre Langwell Estate near Ullapool since 2009 and it is heavily marketed to attract shooting and fishing parties. The lodge has recently undergone major renovation.

    According to the FarmSubsidy website which tracks EU payments, Langwell received EU grants to the value of 300,408 euros in 2012, 287,000 euros of which was paid under the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development which is supposed to support “diversification of the rural economy”. Another 13,000 euros was received in Direct Farm Payments.

  • Paul Dacre of the Daily Rat: The man who hates Britain and ESPECIALLY the peasants who live there
  • Daily Rat Paul Dacre's SPORTING estate Langwell Estate in Ullapool
  • The Rothermere's have a long history as fascist bastards

    Rotheremere and Hitler
    Rothermere's hero Hitler

    rothermere black shirts

    They also supported the Fascist Black shirts
    and Oswald Mosely's British Union of Fascists
    Harmsworth's Daily Mail spat with Miliband and his jewish roots exposes Nazionist hand running the editorial
    The Daily Rat run by a billionaire tory toff and been allowed to spout its pathological hatred of the peasantry for far to long. It's a change to see them attacking one of their own .

    Ed Miliband today took his battle against the Daily Mail to its owner and demanded an inquiry into the “culture and practices” of the newspaper group.

    He wrote to Lord Rothermere, the chairman of Daily Mail and General Trust, after a reporter from the Mail on Sunday attended a memorial service to his late uncle. “Sending a reporter to my late uncle’s memorial crosses a line of common decency,” the Labour leader wrote to Lord Rothermere. “I believe it a symptom of the culture and practices of both the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday.” The incident comes days after the Daily Mail ran an article about Mr Miliband’s late father headlined: “The Man Who Hated Britain.”

    The editor of the Mail on Sunday, Geordie Greig, phoned Mr Miliband immediately on learning about the memorial service and issued a fulsome apology for “this deplorable intrusion”. Mr Greig suspended two journalists and began a full investigation. He said: “I unreservedly apologise ... The reporter was sent without my knowledge; it was a decision which was wrong.” He said Lord Rothermere would reply to Mr Miliband’s letter. Mr Miliband said his family “feel understandably appalled and shocked” after the service held at Guy’s Hospital for Professor Harry Keen.

    Labour sources said after the service ended that Professor Keen’s daughter was approached by a woman who shook her hand and offered condolences, before introducing herself as a reporter. The journalist asked whether the daughter wished to comment on the Daily Mail article about Mr Miliband, a Marxist writer, and was told “no comment”. After asking a second time, the reporter left. Writing to Lord Rothermere, the Labour leader urged: “You should conduct your own swift investigation into who was responsible at a senior level for this latest episode and also who is responsible for the culture and practices of these newspapers which jar so badly with the values of your readers.”

    Nick Clegg today backed Mr Miliband, accusing the Daily Mail of “overflowing with bile” about modern Britain. The Deputy Prime Minister told LBC listeners: “They don’t like working mothers, they don’t like the BBC, they don’t like members of the royal family, they don’t like teachers, they don’t like the English football team — the list goes on. Talk about kettles and pots. “It seems to me that if anyone excels in denigrating and often vilifying a lot about modern Britain, it’s the Daily Mail.” Labour MP John Mann, who chairs an all-party Parliamentary Group Against anti-Semitism, tweeted that the article had been a “classical age-old anti-Semitic smear about disloyal Jews”.

    A source at the Mail said: “This was purely about politics and Ed Miliband’s anti-freemarket views. We find any suggestion of anti-Semitism in what is a purely political debate to be absolutely spurious.” Both the author of the article, Geoffrey Levy, and the paper’s deputy editor, Jon Steafel, are Jewish. Daily Mail columnist Stephen Glover accused the Labour leader of staging a “show of calculated hysteria” for political reasons, saying he “realised that his diatribes against this paper would go down well with the party faithful, and possibly convince the wider electorate that he was stronger and more determined than they had thought”.

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    daily mail hate
    JUST WHO IS JONATHAN HARMSWORTH? (Has a penchant for smearing the peasants)
    Who is Lord Rothermere?

    The 4th Viscount Rothermere - or Jonathan Harmsworth - inherited Associated Newspapers (now DMG Media) when his father Vere died in 1998

    He became the fourth Rothermere to take the title and become chairman of the media group

    He was previously managing editor of the Evening Standard, which the Rothermeres bought in 1980

    Lord Rothermere is ranked 120th on the Times Rich List, with an estimated fortune of £720m

    The Harmsworth brothers Alfred and Harold founded the Daily Mail in 1896 - the "Viscount Rothermere" title was created for Harold Harmsworth in 1919

    Before WWII, Harold Harmsworth praised Adolf Hitler and in 1934 penned a Daily Mail article headlined "Hurrah for the Blackshirts" celebrating Oswald Mosley's British fascists

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