There is a definite conspiracy within western governments to weaken men who were former soldiers. There is hardly a day goes by that we don't hear of a former soldier struggling to cope on civvy street after supposedly fighting for his country or at least the powers that be forcing young men into illegal wars. In Britain ex-soldiers are regularly found on the streets homeless and penniless and were even local councils do not see injured men as a priority and now the latest fiasco in that the state murdering machine ATOS is DELIBERATELY providing the ammo for the DWP to refuse injured servicemen welfare benefits.

Divorced men have seen how the system has weakened them with family courts stripping them of their estates and children and thrown onto the streets homeless and penniless . The powers that be clearly do not want ex-soldiers with the training to kill turning on the very same government that sent them to war and why there is growing evidence that they are undermining those men by severely weakening them to the point were they are withdrawing state assistance even for the most seriously injured and clearly to take away any strength they might have that may be used against the scum and filth now using all arms of the state to weaken men not part of their creepy satanic secret society network.

We have had discussions with the HELP FOR HEROES group who themselves see this as a major problem but are unaware of the reason why so many ex-soldiers are treated abysmally and end up on the street.

  • Hundreds of injured ex-soldiers declared fit for work by Atos Healthcare
  • THOUSANDS OF British soldiers are living on the streets
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