Fear of homelessness a powerful tool of the ruling mafia
While the men are homeless on the streets the women are getting richer through feminist / masonic scams.

The most serious issue affecting men across the globe IS NOT repeat IS NOT terrorism but homelessness and the ability of the global law society terrorists to help themselves to your assets. Terrorism has been the BIGGEST distraction used by the ruling mafia to divert attention from the most serious threat to men anywhere on this planet, the right to KEEP a roof over their head.

While the gutter press, controlled by the house thieves, distract our attention from the trillion dollar robbers on to a million different issues, men are being thrown onto the streets almost everywhere across the globe thanks to the total monopoly the ruling bastards have over legal contracts that include property, land and business. The legal mafia, who are writing the contracts, are ensuring they have the excuses to steal everything back that is held within those contracts and the biggest monopoly on the planet by far.

Men outwith the secret society network are being fleeced to the tune of trillions yet hardly a whisper in the controlled media who must protect the system at all costs. Licencing of the media is a subtle and devious means to ensure they stay within the agenda while giving the illusion that they are doing some sort of groundbreaking investigative journalism. In the UK unless the gutter press are kissing the royal parasites arse daily, along with her merry band of masons who do all her dirty work, that LICENCE will be withdrawn or they bankrupt any rogue newspaper with a massive libel writ that closes them down . That is how we are left with a bunch of psychopaths only to happy to fulfil their obligation of promoting a murderous regime hell bent on stifling dissent with some of the most sinister drugs and psychiatric gulags if ANYONE dares to challenge the system big time.

We have the biggest bunch of crooks in key positions that are making life impossible for the men targeted by their sinister persecution network with many commiting suicide through the psychological torture they trigger using all sorts of legal and financial threats along with the risk of losing employment for daring to question the evil bastards running the show for their own self enrichment.

Men globally are presently struggling to hold onto their homes as more and more are dragged into civil courts where human rights are ignored as the judicial mafia help themselves with court orders signed by a solitary freemason judge while their bailiff / cop wolves are at the door only to happy to do the necessary stripping of your estate for and on their behalf and with the threat of jail if you DARE raise your hand to protect your lifes work. Stripping us in the UK of the right to bear arms was a necessary part of how they are getting away with murder ONLY because those stealing with impunity have all the arsenals ready to use if the peasantry rise up. Protecting your estate is the number one priority for any man trying to build up any sort of wealth without these evil bastards getting their hands on it.

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