Property contracts and the multi trillion dollar sting
illegally evicted Some dupes just DON'T seem to GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If a town had a wee dell boy selling cars and then using some sort of warped legal term to STEAL them back there would be an outcry in the local and national media. That would be especially true if the EXCUSE to steal those cars back was that the men who owned them had fallen out with their wives or partners and that was used as the excuse to steal them back maybe after paying them off or a large percentage of what they were worth.

But that is PRECISELY the scenario that awaits the duped idiots paying vast sums monthly to buy into the property racket. The law society mafia are selling MEN property at vastly more than they are worth draining them of their hard earned cash, in some cases almost as much as 80% plus of their salary that is going on dodgy mortgage scams that are used right across the planet with banks and the legal mafia in collusion to sell property under a massive corrupt global monopoly .

But what makes their multi trillion dollar scams much worse is that the very media that should be exposing their crimes against men globally are in fact aiding and abetting them by reinforcing the message that falling out with your wife gives them all the excuse they need to kick men onto the street homeless and penniless under the guise of their DOMESTIC ABUSE claims. You really could not make this up the enormous lies and propaganda being pumped out to justify crimes so vast no one can truly comprehend that at any one time thousands upon thousands of men are being fleeced of their livelihood and homes on the strength of malicious lies to justify this theft.

Meanwhile a media controlled by these evil bastards provides ALL the excuses to justify the terrorist cell of the law society, embedded in every corner of the globe, is taking care of the distribution of land and property that ensures this global pariah can continue to fleece men on the grandest of scales. Far more lucrative than the military industrial complex and any other financial scam being perpetrated and yet with NO resistance coming from a compliant media.

By waking the DUPED men up from their slumber that crooked monopoly system would eventually collapse. Only by men uniting globally against the biggest criminal racket on the planet by far can this evil be brought to a halt. As the freemasons behind this plunder can continue to line their coffers and reinforce their wealth and power through their global monopoly scams. The knights templar instigated this evil centuries ago and the modern day crooked lawyers, judges and bankers continue its advance. BUT ONLY IF WE LET 'EM.