Feminasty get LADS mags pulled from the shelves

The BBC did an interview this morning on LADS mags being pulled from the shelves thanks to an action triggered by the UK's feminasty and Object . So the BBC wheel on a feminist and another female who had appeared in one of the LADS mags to discuss the subject. Nowhere did they have a MAN to provide a male perspective in the female run BBC news.

We do NOT take any side on this subject but we strongly object to the continual smearing of men by these vile feminists who use lawyers to attack issues relating to men, yet do NOTHING about the blossoming clubs putting on male strippers for the predilection of womens sexual fantasy's. Feminists are trying to turn men into mice with their demands and actions that consist of a large group of lesbians, many of them lawyers and social workers involved in the legal system making a massive KILLING from the continual smearing of men in all shapes and sizes. Divorce the main area a golddigging feminist can become an instant millionaire thanks to their very warped agenda. They are a lunatic fringe who have a pathological hatred of ALL things men trying to crush them at every opportunity but WITHOUT any REAL success.

Gender equality groups UK Feminista and Object joined forces with lawyers to launch the Lose the Lads' Mags campaign earlier this year. They warned that retailers could face legal action if they continued to display the magazines or require staff to handle them. This, they said, could amount to sexual harassment or discrimination in breach of the Equality Act 2010.

  • 'Lads' mags' given cover-up deadline by Co-operative (BBC)