How do lawyers REALLY make money?
You would think maybe the biggest racket on the planet would be in every single headline in every major newspaper across the globe. But if those behind that racket actually had a major influence on the editorial of those same newspapers it would be easy to block exposures of their racket and in fact allow that racket to go on for decades without a single hint of it getting into the gutter press.

When we are being cajoled into putting our hard earned money into the biggest asset you can buy mainly to ensure a roof over our head you would think that if there were any shortfalls in that system the investigative journalists would be right on it .

But , and this is were this worldwide scam remains hidden, those who have charged themselves with selling property, lawyers, have made sure no hint of their monopolistic scams gets published thanks to the biggest global terrorist network, the law society ensuring they have their media lawyer lackeys embedded in every single major national newspapers across the globe. They claim the reason they require one of their overseers in each editorial department is to ensure what is published is not libellous but the MAIN reason is to hide the fact that these evil bastards have used their total control over property to fraudulently sell men homes that will be stolen back by the same mob who issue the contracts. Now there are very few other objects on this planet that require the necessity of a lawyer to buy them. You can purchase a car for more than a million dollars without the need to hire a lawyer so why do properties costing far less require the need of a lawyer? The reason? they have made it that way .

The legal mafia over centuries, going back to the knights templar a mob they worship regularly at Temple church in London the capital of the bar associations reeking havoc across the globe for men , have created a ruthless property ownership pyramid scheme far more lucrative than Bernie Madoff's allowing them to flog every single property across the world and then STEAL THEM BACK . Now if there were car showrooms selling cars to customers and later stealing them back you would very quickly see headlines in the newspapers to that effect. But the legal mafia have thought of EVERYTHING to suppress the biggest racketeering on the planet stretching into the trillions . Take every single crime committed by the small time crooks and the jails filled with them for petty criminal acts that see massive newspapers headlines, and who have charged themselves with throwing them in jail , Law society lackeys consisting of judges and lawyers all part of the global bar mafia.

Now these bastards crimes are a million times more serious than every single petty crime added together. What is worst of all , and that is despite their victims now having a voice across the internet which as yet they are unable to control, is the goons that still believe they are buying a home that they will OWN. NO ONE owns any property because their system assures them that they will have all the excuses to remove the duped goons at a moments notice. Ask any man facing family courts and they will tell you how quickly they can make you homeless and penniless kicked out onto the street to satisfy their insatiable greed.

What is also shocking is that the politicians we are expected to vote into office, many who are in fact lawyers, are all part of the schemes and know that the more legislation they create , the more properties can been stolen and the spoils shared among the legal, political and banking mafia's who are ALL behind the biggest terrorist threat to mankind making all other pseudo-terrorism pale. Men have a far greater chance of being destroyed by a law society judge or lawyer than every other pseudo terrorist group on the planet.


  • Lawyer conspiracy to steal everything you have and to make you a slave