Psychopaths control the divorce industrial complex
That nice wee woman you married and thought you'd spend your life with will quickly be turned into a rabid greedy bitch once the psychopathic lawyers get involved . Divorce is by far the most lucrative racket and far more lucrative than any war that has been waged to relieve a nation of its wealth. Men in divorce are SET UP by the freemason judicial mafia to fall right to the bottom of the pecking order immediately they find themselves being dragged through the divorce racketeering industry.

There is no worse shock to a man than to suddenly realise that the years of grafting that has provided a home and estate for his family is under the biggest threat when the legal mafia start sharpening their knives and you and that estate are what is going on the chopping block. Many men cannot face the reality that all that they pride will soon be dissected and divided up among a shower of crooked bastards only to eager to help a now transformed golddigger to wage a massive psychological war against an ex husband and why so much time and energy is spent by their controlled gutter press smearing men as deserving of the legal tsunami about to engulf any man not aware of the pitfalls of marriage. The repercussions are enormous and only fully understood after witnessing the amount of power freemasons who run the show have given themselves by the stealthy way they have changed the law to allow them maximum leverage over every aspect of the men who they don't already control and blackmail via their satanic network of power.

The British royal parasites hand pick their legal psychopaths to ensure maximum advantage over every mans estate that is up for grabs once the wee missus decides she wants to move on to pastures new with a massive chunk of your hard earned wealth while what is left is reserved for the big chiefs running the show for their own self enrichment. We continue to send this important message to young men starting out in life that it will be their own estates that will continue to feed the masonic network of power if they go down the marriage road. A marriage licence is the single most powerful tool used to cause murder and mayhem in a mans life on its demise.

There are dead men's bodies strewn across the length and breadth of Britain thanks to the monsters who have carved up their life leaving little to survive on and the battle continues to stop the out of control madmen hell bent on continuing their war against millions of decent men and the lives they had once tried to keep stability for their families only to find the 'ORDER out of CHAOS' madmen will do everything with that unchecked power to disrupt their lives forever. All other news is a smokescreen for this utter tyranny and every MP is well aware of this madness but don't seem the least bit bothered about the ever increasing statistics on the suicide's of men who have been dragged through this legal holocaust.