lincoln Hollywood and the Oscars showed their true colours this year with Daniel Day-Lewis supposedly making history by becoming the first three-time recipient of the Best Actor Oscar for his role in Lincoln, so is he really THAT good ?

Or like the honorary role of TOP actors like Cage, Newman, Cruise , Goldblum, Hoffman, Seagal, Seinfeld, Dreyfuss, Schneider, Ford, Gyllenhaal and a vast network that infest Hollywood are they SO GOOD that the rest of the goyim are unable to match their ability to promote themselves as a race or a breed apart?

No matter what form of ART the jewish hand plays a major role in who and who doesn't get a world platform and why anyone who thinks the doors will be open for them if they have talent will find those doors firmly closed by the jewish mafia that dominate the corporate media and all the publishing houses that ensure those doors are only open to their own kind. Day- Lewis's historic achievement is maybe MORE to do with who controls those mediums than anything they think they may have achieved while handing each other prizes and awards that does not represent the vast majority of the population unable to reach those dizzy heights of success thanks to jewish suppression of the arts.

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