Lou Reed just one more zionist who was provided with a world platform
lou reed Despite the gushing accolades in the zionist run media for Lou Reed the sad fact is that many more talented musicians have been overlooked so that the zionist run media and record labels can promote their own kind just like they do in Hollywood. But what can you expect from the scum and filth who run the whole show?

We could provide the endless lists of jewish actors, musicians and writers that take priority when it comes to getting a global platform. Even with the internet talent still struggles to shine through as long as the mass media have a stranglehold over the minds of the brainwashed sheeple who only really give anything a second glance if they see ads on tv, newspapers and billboards as their psyche has been programmed to BELIEVE that zionist scumbags like Simon Cowell and the other nonetities running the music business are the only fuckwits able to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

As long as its jewish wheat no other wheat has a hope in hell of breaking through the glass ceiling of bullshit that masquerades as some sort of machine that supposedly goes out of its way to find real TALENT instead it ensures ALL doors are closed to anyone not part of their zionist controlled system.

Lou Reed only prospered in the music business because he was ONE OF THEM while the world still fails to access far more deserving musicians who end up frustrated at banging on those permanently closed record company doors. If it wasn't for a zionist homosexual Brian Epstein, wanting to get into John Lennons' pants, we would NEVER have heard of the Beatles as they required the approval of the zionist empire and their many lackeys to ensure total control of anything that can be used as mind control , music a major way zionists can promote their own along with the message that we are all lesser mortals next to the shit they pass as supposedly the best in the business . That is the biggest lie of all.

  • Jews DO control the media and they admit it
  • Obituary: Lou Reed just one more AVERAGE jewish musician who had a world stage because zionists control the media and record labels promoting their own kind at the VAST expense of struggling musicians with far more to offer
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