One group of terrorists that are getting away with murder
How can the biggest terrorist group on the planet daily get away with stealing vast swathes of land, business, property and children yet don't come anywhere near the media radar? When that same media rants endlessly about the potential threats of terrorism from the Middle East that for most of the global population will NEVER impact on their lives yet one terror group will almost definitely impact destroying their lives stealing their money, ejecting them from their homes in most cases making them homeless, penniless and childless.

The gutter press, radio and TV are totally controlled by these terrorists who create pseudo terrorism that provides a massive cover for what they are doing to men across the globe. ALL OTHER TERRORISM AND CRIMES pale next to the vast theft into trillions of dollars these evil bastards are getting away with. Now if you happen to be a past or present victim of these bastards you will be surprised why the compliant media rant endlessly about a form of terrorism that will NEVER impact on your life while ignoring the terrorism that has been destroying lives for decades and still getting away with murder despite their victims now having a voice across the internet.

One very good reason why their media have to regurgitate more and more propaganda to reinforce the message they want us to swallow that they are protecting us in some way from the boogeymen they have created while rifling through the very last vestiges of millions of men's estates devastated by the ruthless abuse of the law. The global law society whose lackeys include Obama and his wife, Tony Blair and his wife and Bill Clinton and his wife are ALL part of a terrorist group determined to carry on their global threats against men. Men who get caught up in their devious legal scams that use ANY excuse to repossess properties those same men thought they had purchased through their sweat and toil only to find these terrorists have a TOTAL monopoly on property contracts designed to ensure they have all the excuses to steal them back while using their thug cops to assist in your ejection from your home.

No other form of terrorism has been so ruthless and calculated in decimating the lives of millions of men and their children across the planet. Yet the media ensure the sheeple are distracted by endless propaganda that hides the murderous plans of a global pariah hell bent on carrying on their devastating ploys wrecking ever more men's lives caught up in their planet wide web of deceit.