Freemasonry menace behind mass suicide of men in Britain
masonic blood on their hands There is ONE major cause of suicide that is forever buried by the gutter press and that is the menace of the freemason persecution campaigns generated against targeted men in the UK and globally everywhere they use the same system of dodgy laws.

We have been gathering evidence for nearly two decades of the pressures both psychological and financial being forced onto men dragged into their dens of satanic iniquity the vile court system that stretches the length and breadth of Britain.

You will find the most inhumane evil bastards masquerading in their robes and regalia behind the legal system whose sole purpose is to thieve from men en masse to line the pockets of the British crown and its many parasitic offshoots. There is no greater terrorist threat to men than the evil that emanates from the United Grand Lodge of England via the Dukey Kent and the 33 degree masonic mafia scheming behind Chatham House in central London. The suicide statistics are truly shocking for men and if a proper investigation was pursued by the powers that be it would show many many men are being dragged through the divorce industrial complex that is a far more financially lucrative scam than even the military industrial complex with the only victims being carried away in body bags are those who faced the wrath of the judicial tyrants , hand picked by Old Lizzie, to impose massive financial and psychological pressure on the unsuspecting men duped of all their worldly possessions and who, prior to entering those courts assumed via the propaganda generated by a complicit media, that JUSTICE would prevail.

That is the constant lie being spun by the press barons who have been protecting the arses of crooked judges and lawyers , aided and abetted by bailiffs and masonic cops only to happy to share the spoils of the rampant fraud and corruption that hides behind the mask of family courts and the cause of the mass suicide of men who have been pushed over the edge by the most vile psychological torture. Only those who have faced those pressures know the ease with which men, made vulnerable by these mobsters, can be pushed into an early grave. Britain's freemason judiciary have the blood of thousands of men on their hands from the wickedness they have imposed on their victims for far to long.