Masonic menace and compliance

compliance Anyone who hasn't seen the film Compliance we highly recommend, the trailer and background can be found at IMDB here.

What is interesting, as it is based on real life events, is how far people will go when faced with an authority figure demanding they take certain actions that effectively breach the rights of their victims. A weirdo was impersonating a cop calling a fast food outlet and instructing a gullible management to take extreme measures against an innocent female employee to satisfy the creeps demands for a strip search, something which was apparently happening for real right across the USA.

What was disturbing about the scenario is that virtually ever cop working within law and order is either a freemason or is given orders from a high ranking freemason chief of police and who have been allowed to infiltrate and totally consume the higher echelons of policing given key positions, then using their power to abuse the public's rights under the guise of LAW enforcement.

We have been gathering decades of mountainous examples of cops behaving in ways that don't protect the public but instead turn them into victims of freemasons dictating orders from dodgy court orders via their lodges, to seize, then persecute men under the colour of laws that are nothing but a bunch of malicious and deviously menacing demands that make a mockery of justice but everything to do with masonic injustice who are lining their pockets with the estates of men robbed while being caught up in a vicious scam raking in trillions of dollars / pounds .

Only a mass worldwide civil disobedience campaign by refusing to jump through the hoops of the orders from freemason controlled cops who are not ensuring justice and protecting the public but imposing injustice, fraud and corruption on the unsuspecting men caught up in their masonic web of deceit. As the film shows how far WILL YOU GO to bow to the demands of the lowest form of scum and filth masquerading as some sort of law enforcement?