queen duke of kent If there is ONE thing that has exposed masonic tyranny more than any other is the endless failure of the UK's masonic infested cops to fully investigate, charge and jail predatory paedo Jimmy Savile. For anyone who may have been skeptical that there is a sinister masonic protection network, not only across the UK but globally, is that an evil bastard like Savile could consider himself UNTOUCHABLE while busily exploiting and abusing children over five decades and yet, despite a long history of reports to British cops, they did nothing while press barons kept a tight lid on his abuse as well as failing to report that Savile was even considered a suspect in the Yorkshire ripper case.

What is it going to take to bring the evil bastards who protected Savile and who played a major part in allowing him to continue his reign of terror against innocent victims of his perversions to justice? The crown prosecution service today announced they will be making fundamental changes in how they deal with reports of abuse.

That is the same Crown, that despite many reports, ignored and allowed Savile freedom to abuse and is heavily infested with freemasons from top to bottom. They all answer ultimately to the Duke of Kent, the loyal Lord lieutenant of the Royal parasite herself, who rubber stamped Jimmy Savile's abuse by giving him first an OBE and then a knighthood.

With the Savile exposures we are seeing a gradual awakening of the sleeping sheeple who could or would not believe that their HERO and LEGEND Savile was in fact the exact opposite while the same press barons provided the propaganda and accolade to an equally vile regime, the British royal family, who are treated like HERO'S just as they did with Savile who are ALL party to a monstrous regime of secret lackeys infiltrated into every area of British society only to happy to to sell their soul to the devil and provide the dirty deeds that assures the long term security of their evil regime.

Only a swift regime change at the top of British society can STOP the rot that has allowed others like Savile to abuse the public with impunity and with CROWN immunity from prosecution. There are many more lords and ladies of the manor including judges, lawyers, knights, CBE and OBE holders who are all part of the Royalist masonic bandwagon and still getting away with murder just like Savile.

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