Freemason controlled media at its very worst

Barclay brothers (Daily Telegraph), Jonathan Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Richard Desmond (Daily Express and Star ), Rupert Murdoch (Ex-News of the World, The Sun and Times) and BBC's Danny Cohen

The compliant media are once again portraying freemason chief constables as some sort of moral guardians smearing the peasants as if they are ALL drunken bums needing to be led to the masonic slaughterhouse. A media that portrays British cops as the GOOD GUYS especially the masonic mafia mob who run ACPO when they are in fact a murdering bunch of psycho's who kill with impunity . Masonic assassins fully armed with the best of weaponry from vast arsenals, who at the drop of the Dukey Kent's freemason hat, will take out anyone who rocks the establishment boat .

Here they are in the Daily Mail pontificating about the drunken peasantry that need a short sharp shock and to be thrown into drunk tanks like cattle as if they are pieces of shite that have just fallen off their well oiled fascist boots.

The ACPO Association of Chief Police Officers wants to be able to put drunks in holding cells where they will be charged up to 400 a night

The media have for decades been taking the dregs of society and displaying them on the likes of Jeremy Kyle's TV show and holding them up as examples as to why they require the attention of the freemasonry boot to bring them into line. They have psychotic billionaires like Jonathan Harmsworth and his inherited wealth who is allowed to spread his bile and hatred of the peasantry via the Daily Mail for and on behalf of the royals masonic henchmen to foment hatred by the sheeple against the poorest and most vulnerable sections of society.

What is worse is that there are still millions of brain dead morons (sheeple) who actually believe the shite being pumped out by the press mafia including Harmsworth (Daily Mail), Murdoch (The Sun), Desmond(Daily Express), Barclay Brothers (The Telegraph ) and zionist Danny Cohen (BBC). That instead of making them squirm they actually believe those responsible for pumping out the bile and propaganda are in fact themselves scum and filth only to happy to prop up the royals and their masonic mafia as if they are the heroes while the peasantry continue to be portrayed as the the dregs of society that require the regular intervention of the masonic boot that has been stamping on our forefathers faces for centuries and who want to continue their tyranny via an obsessive media hell bent on smearing us at every opportunity with the sheeple still prepared to feed them by purchasing said rags.

Come election time they will do the same with the political mafia where you will only see the three main parties endlessly regurgitating the shite that has also been going on for centuries with the sheeple failing to realise no matter which one of their three numpties gets into power they will still get the same garbage that keeps the masonic agenda on track i.e. the royal parasites ruling over us with an iron fist via their masonic henchmen. So just when are those sheeple in an advanced state of comatose going to STOP voting these scum and filth back into power to continue the merry go round of duping the goons for another four years and ad infinitum?