Masonic menace on the road
car crash We have known for years about a prominent lawyer who headed a major legal firm and who before retiring would fall into his car most nights after wining and dining at a lawyers only club and despite being pissed as a fart would drive home without any worries that the local cops would stop and arrest him. He was even reported by a colleague who was at a party organised by this vile bastard and still the cops did nothing.

Just now there is another debate in the UK about lowering the alcohol limit but what is the point when one group in society are getting away with murder? We saw how the vile BBC predatory paedo Jimmy Savile was protected by the masonic cops despite decades of child abuse so what chance is there of getting freemason cops to enforce the law on drinking and driving against the freemasons who like Savile are getting away with murder? What is worse is that if you happen to be involved in a car crash with a drunk freemason at the wheel you can be sure the masonic cops who report on the matter will see you as the offender to ensure they protect their drunken brother from prosecution.

The same thing happened with the masonic cops charged with investigating Jimmy Savile a brother . They made claims that the victims were mentally ill or seeking to profit from suing the evil bastard and why, for over 50 years, British cops protected the pervert and instead of saving the thousands of victims from the creep the masonic cops turned a blind eye to his perversions and allowed his many victims to be abused.

This is the warped society we are living in while the men who could fight back are being destroyed in family courts by masonic judges leaving them broken and trying to pick up the pieces of their life after they are destroyed. Those judges also able to drive while plastered knowing a mason cop would never dare to arrest a high ranking freemason judge for drunk driving. Only one of the many menaces we face while masons are controlling the key areas of law and order . A 'law and order' they enforce on the peasants like thugs but a 'law and order' they have given themselves total immunity from.