Divorcing men and masonic persecution
broken man In the last few days one of the judicial mafia, who controls the family courts across the UK from the Inns of Court in London, admitted that those courts hold the 'most drastic powers of any tribunal' since the abolition of the death penalty. Yet men are facing the death penalty from malicious abuse of judicial powers psychologically torturing men pushing them into an early grave.

He finally admits what we and many other victims of the freemason mafia have been exposing for a very long time but fails to recognise the untold damage caused by the secret nature of how they operate. Men have been terrorized by these EVIL bastards either due to them lying down and being walked over or for those men prepared to fight the bastards extra special attention is given and an onslaught of biblical proportions rains down on those men instigated by almost every arm of the state rendering machine they control.

That is the main reason why so many men take their lives due to the psychological and financial pressures these evil bastards trigger using their minions embedded in all those areas of life we depend on for our survival. Harmsworth's Daily Rat tries to take credit for a law lord admitting the obvious that there are enormous problems in how family courts operate but his solution would be to let the same media mafia report on cases as if that will make any difference seeing that same mob have been covering the judicial mafia's arses for decades while they plunder men for £trillions. NO TERRORIST THREAT on the planet comes close to the silent masonic persecution that crucifies men who they are ready to fleece once they are dragged into their dens of iniquity.

The press barons will do NOTHING to stop the mass execution of men when they have disposed of all their wealth through malicious use of laws that they make up as they go along. We ourselves have proved this time and again in court cases when they are confronted with a rule of law they immediately come up with some alternative so they can avoid passing a judgement that blocks them from fleecing men of all their worldly possessions. There simply is NO JUSTICE in family courts only freemason judges signing court orders that allow the free flow of OUR assets and estates into the masonic coffers and where much of the property they steal ends up .

  • Family courts hold the most drastic powers of any tribunal (and that's from a judge)
  • Freemasons ritually abuse children, adults, and animals