Masonic psychopaths brutal attacks on men when ex-wives cry wolf
Any man yet to face the persecution meted out by an out of control masonic mafia only need wait until the wee wifey decides she wants to move on to another duped goon and gets in tow with a freemason controlled lawyer . Suddenly your branded a bastard or even an abuser that requires maximum punishment for a mountain of allegations that give the freemasons the excuse to come in and use the most vile psychological ploys to help themselves to your estate and children.

Divorce is by far THE most lucrative racket for freemasons writing all the divorce laws so they can help themselves. Whether its judges, lawyers, cops or bailiffs they have either signed their souls away to the devil or are controlled by the bastards who slid up the slippery masonic pole by the most vile attacks on the men they thieve from with impunity.

Now there is a global awakening by the men previously victims of these thieving robbing bastards who cannot and will not get away with their crimes indefinitely. We wont be letting this lie, we wont be letting the murder and mayhem they and their controlled media create across the globe distract the sheeple's attention away from the worlds most vile super terrorists who are the zionist controlled freemasons and the global law society who they use to fleece men out of trillions and especially their children.

Their thugs and bullyboys can point the finger elsewhere but we will remain focused on who are behind the mass murder of decent men who fell to the psychological torturers using draconian court orders to push millions of men over the edge. Those who survive left broken, homeless and penniless, no other pseudo terror group can do that with little or NO publicity.