So how many more crimes are the freemasons covering up?
mason ship

The BBC's predatory paedo DJ was only one extreme example of how a section of society avoids scrutiny for their crimes. The conspiracy theories, once dismissed by the majority of the population, are finally getting through to those living in denial that a sinister force binds the depths of evil that these bastards will stoop to, to protect their agenda and its dimwitted lackeys.

From warmongering to child theft and spying you will find the evil tentacles of freemasonry directed by their head honcho the Dukey Kunt are behind the vast criminal network slowly unfolding within a gutter press that has protected their brothers criminality for so very long. Even the Independent followed the Guardian in exposing the masonic crime wave that had infected and infested the biggest cop force in Britain, London's notorious murderous Met . From the corridors of the Houses of Parliament to the judges in courtrooms the length and breadth of the UK men are being fleeced by a freemason controlled system of law, that they themselves are immune from, but leaves innocent decent men being persecuted as if they are the criminals and left to rot on the streets of Britain due to an accountable bunch of hoodlums getting away with murder. The royal bastard is protected at all costs by an army of ruthless psychopathic henchmen who not only have the dimwitted ness to carry out the diabolical orders coming out of the rear end of Chatham House and her 33 degree mafia dons but who also are assured of little or no scrutiny even when they have their fingers embedded deeply in the massive corrupt pie that assures them they can prosper, not on hard work and toil, but on the emaciation of non mason men through a legal system hell bent on propping up a murderous regime while greatly weakening the very men who could unite to counter their breathtaking thievery.

Domestic violence contrived to relieve men of their entire life's work are brutally enforced by the monsters who otherwise would be voting for British troops to go to war to create the 'SHOCK AND AWE' that has seen millions of women and children, those they claim they want to protect, blown to smithereens under the guise they were after Saddam Hussein or Colonel Gaddafi. So how much longer can these absolute scum and filth continue to provide the cover for their brothers? The fact that Savile has been exposed , and that was no thanks to the gutter press initially, but the tsunami of evidence could not be contained by their SYSTEM that has now been heavily weakened with the knowledge that a known predatory paedophile had been given all sorts of awards and a knighthood from the Queen Bee despite 50 + years of evidence of his abuse of vulnerable children.

Their vast wall of deceit has been smashed by an unending avalanche that refuses to go away and they may think that wall can be rebuilt but their partners in crime the BBC Bully Big Con will never again be trusted to provide the propaganda that has kept this ship of fools afloat on a sea of vile corruption far longer that this world should have ever tolerated. Savile is the iceberg that has dealt the fatal blow to the 'MASONIC' bow that is disappearing into the bowels of hell that , no matter how hard they try, can and will NEVER be salvaged.

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