Number 10 Coincidence Theory (Starts 2.30)

masons yard

masons yard

One of our exposures on how freemasons operate and control London and with global tentacles was of images around St. James Square on Google maps and how Chatham House, formerly known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, backs onto 10 Duke Street St. James the haunt of the 33 degree freemasons that are the power behind the Royal parasites. We have been updating our archives and needed another image capture of that area for more exposures on the masonic mafia and noticed Google have updated their maps and REMOVED a small lane off of Duke Street St. James called Masons yard from their latest maps of that area , as can be seen above, showing clearly how the yard has been shortened and the name removed .

The fact Chatham House has been identified in close proximity to a 33 degree freemason haunt and potentially has a means for these scumbags to flit between the two buildings unseen, as most it not all of Britain's prime ministers are 33 degree freemasons (in particular Churchill) before they can even consider running for that position and using a visit to Chatham House they could easily then secretly attend satanic oath swearing ceremonies at 10 Duke Street via the backdoor. Chatham House is likely a front for the Royals henchmen to indoctrinate political leaders and their legal mafia lackeys as a way to avoid scrutiny and as to why they frequent 33 degree freemason halls.

  • Supreme Council of Freemasons - Under investigation for White Supremacist Racist activity (10 Duke Street St James backdoor to Chatham House formerly the Royal Institute of International Affairs)
  • Grand Temple at Freemasonsí Hall, the Ancient and Accepted Rite (Rose Croix) celebrated the centenary of its occupation of 10 Duke Street, St Jamesís, in West London
  • 33 degree freemasons 10 Duke Street St. James