Their idea of terrorism is to stifle ANY reaction to their psychopathic induced wars
air masons

The freemason / zionist scum and filth have placed a blanket tag of terrorism onto every action that does not FIT with their idea of global tyranny. Their view of global stability is to spy on us all while we scurry around enslaved to their every need. The pecking order of the freemason hierarchy, who use their working class underlings to impose and enforce draconian measures to keep in check anyone who dares operate outside of the box they have manufactured, ensures that the controlling elite live in vast opulence while the peasants cope with the struggle and hardship of austerity.

These vile filth have NO SHORTAGE of trillions of dollars to waste on anything their heart desires while ensuring the rat race they have created for the rest of us is adhered to with an iron fist. The structure protects the few while the many have to endlessly endure threats coming from a myriad of sources all connected with staying alive and keeping a roof over our head. One reason why they have created a global property racket so vast it is incomprehensible how they have managed to put in place a system so criminal it makes all other crimes pale by comparison. Virtually every multi million pound home is owned primarily by those who are part of the freemason empire and who have gained that wealth through the stripping of men unaware they were playing with fire when they used their hard earned wealth to buy into business, property or land of any kind across the planet.

The terrorist cell of the global law society has ensured the freemason hierarchy have the total hold over any home of reasonable value while everyone else remains locked in a battle to keep hold of whatever they have managed to procure during a lifetime of hard graft. Those assets are under the constant scrutiny of their spies and especially just prior to them seizing it all under the guise of laws these evil bastards manufacture to increase their massive masonic trough of corruption and fraud that masquerades as some sort of legal , political and banking system. The scum and filth wheeled on to their global gutter media for us to vote for come election time are all part of the psychopathic madmen hell bent on painting a picture of democracy when we have little hope of finding leaders that will wipe out the creepiest most satanic cult this planet has ever had to contend with who enlist the most vile of scum who have a penchant for children to feed their insatiable paedo appetite that is protected by their system of blackmail and control which in the PAST made them untouchable.

Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Rhodes Boyson, Keith Joseph, Clifford Hindley , Nicholas Fairbairn and Alistair Smith are just some of the many high profile paedo monsters who have been adorned with honours and knighthoods for kissing the royal arse while protected by the masonic network of control.