Mass media's homosexual agenda helped protect homopaedo agenda
THEY still haven't got it . The evil bastards behind UK's gutter press continue to pump out homosexual propaganda despite an unprecedented mass exposure of homopaedo's crimes that was rife throughout the last few decades. Many of those crimes directly connected to government and the institutions that harboured homopaedo's and who were used to brutalize youth offenders in prison, the mentally ill and in the thousands of care homes where young boys stolen from their fathers protection during divorce were despicably abused to satisfy the extremes of homopaedo's thirst for young boys and men.

Any man who has faced the family courts knows the lengths twisted judges would go to remove children from their fathers biological protection using the most heinous allegations many who ultimately ended up in care homes for the abusers to have access to children made vulnerable by a horrendous state machine that has been pushing a homosexual agenda for way to long.

How many more young boy's testimony will it take before the government and media paedo protectors STOP pushing the vile homosexual agenda that claims homophobia every time they are challenged on the thousands of crimes against young boys and reports that have recently skyrocketed only thanks to the internet giving a platform to the victims who were ignored by the freemason mafia that masquerades as law enforcement and who regularly destroyed evidence that would have locked the evil bastards up long ago. But instead were allowed to carry on the gross abuse of young boys until the wall of deceit crashed down only recently with the mountain of reports only now being reported in the same gutter press that pushed that agenda for far to long.

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