A world where those who work the hardest get paid the least

If the world was an island there are a lazy bunch of twisted bastards that have taken charge of making up the law so they can sit on their fat arses dishing out the orders to those they have enslaved. The political, banking, media, legal and judicial mafia's are a clique of devious morons who have given themselves master status over those prepared to accept their rules rather than stand up and refuse to accept terms and conditions of employment that assure the few get rich on the toil of the many.

The sheeple have been duped into believing that the more physical work they do the less they should be paid meanwhile those who do least i.e. sit about writing up the laws that ensure their future opulent lifestyle's live off of the back of those who bust their gut for a pittance. Even men who have excelled find in time those laws come in and help wipe out any advantage they had due to their abilities and the zionist freemason mafia are behind every last one of the legal machinations that see them as the masters and everyone else as the slaves who are cajoled into jumping through hoops to accommodate rules and regulations that have blindly led the sheeple, over many generations, to continue the vast inequality that flows from those who have stolen mans spirit and with little sign of justice and fairness.

Unions throughout the world have NOT assisted men to break free of these ties but have been used to give the impression of solidarity with the plight of the men who work in intolerable conditions to line the pockets of the devious masters who have given themselves an easy life on the back of those they can enslave through a system of control.

Men are now wising up to just how they and their forefathers have been forced to endure a rigged game where no matter how hard they endure the torturous physical conditions as long as they are being conned into believing there is no other way to survive they will continue to play the game where the masters control working conditions and where the wealth earned by men's hard graft ends up and it is NOT in the hands of those who work the hardest.