Mental health and the death of 150
The political mafia across Europe have been expressing their disgust at the apparent murder of 150 on the Germanwings flight with the spectre of the cause of their deaths being pinned down to depression and murder by suicide.

The EU has been behind the massive austerity measures that have pushed millions into depression including even those in well paid employment and would include passenger jet pilots. In the UK the present government has been culling the population by pushing those with depression and suicidal tendencies into a black hole using sanctions and the withdrawal of the most basic benefits to survive on.

So to hear tory scumbag David Cameron, and other EU leaders, showing any sort of concern for 150 lost souls when his own government policies have murdered thousands using their state assassins ATOS and DWP is clearly disturbing with no apparent regard for exactly what they themselves have been responsible for. With an election looming few if any media commentators taking them to task on those lost souls.

As well as the political pressures the legal systems of Europe and the world are pushing more and more men down the psychological torture route with many of those men in responsible positions facing being destroyed by the divorce industrial complex and then led down the route of suicide and anyone who happens to be in their vicinity may be taken out with them. Anyone with an inkling of how a disturbed mind operates will know the ease with which they can suddenly and without any warning kill themselves and potentially anyone within their suicidal bubble.

For the legal and political mafia's who have created a society that turns decent men into robotons for the multi national conglomerates to be used and abused the outcome will be men who are broken to provide the fodder for the capitalist system to create the disturbing working environments for depression and suicide to flourish. The EU mafia are the biggest proponents of the policies that are leading more and more men into extreme vulnerability and into early graves.

The adverse event that unfolded in the last few days in the alps shows the complete lack of understanding of the complexity of the societies they are creating that ignore these alarming issues at their peril and is only the tip of an enormous iceberg.