There are MEN and then there are freemasons
queen godmother masons They crawl out from under stones the slugs and creeps who sign away their souls to the devil. Yet they are able to target men, especially their assets, property and children who for far to long have been the victims of a global masonic mafia

When the ordinary mafiosa want to steal money they target a bank breaking into the vault to get to the gold and cash. The freemasons only have to ensure all those who run the bank are part of their satanic oath swearing and they can use any excuse, as they have been doing lately, to help themselves to the dupes who THOUGHT banks were a safe place to stash their hard earned money.

Freemasons can manufacture any financial crisis that allows them to help themselves as was shown recently when Cyprus, under the orders of the freemason run EU, ordered the banks to close their doors refusing to allow their customers access to money. Also by controlling the legal system of judges and lawyers, if their victims try to take the crooked bankers to court they have no chance of getting justice while juries are non existent and only FREEMASON judges are now making the final decisions on money matters. This is why men facing divorce haven't a hope in hell of getting justice as the system ensures they wipe out any man with money in their banks or who has a mortgage and property via a bank and signed off by a lawyer.

In reality there is little chance of accumulating any wealth while these sharks have, over centuries, operated a money making machine that only works while the police, legal and political mafia's cooperate and who are in the majority lodge buddies of the scum and filth raiding men's lives and whose leaders at the top are living opulent lifestyles on the back of targeted men.

Knowing their schemes and how to avoid their scams is a starting point in protecting our future sons and grandsons from the medieval allegory nonsense that has propped up the Queen of England as godmother of the global masonic mafia with her loyal lord lieutenant the exceptionally creepy Duke of Kent and why it is NO LONGER acceptable in a modern technological age to impose their crooked bullshit on a global population. They have had control of the printing presses via their press lackeys but since the birth of the internet those schemes can no longer be protected, so how do they THINK they can keep this barbarism going on ad infinitum? Only as long as the sheeple acquiesce to their agenda can more dupes get caught out with their home ownership racketeering.