NATO: Keep your eyes on the Middle East and you'll MISS what's happening at home

NATO lackeys arrived for their MASONIC dinner at Cardiff castle

nato 2014
NATO another arm of the global masonic mafia

nato obama charlie
Who does Obama really work for as he kisses the royal arse?

Latest bullshit coming from the NATO mafia in Wales, who have been mixing and kissing the royal arse, is what they intend to do about Russia and the Middle East. NO MENTION about the zionist mass murderers in Israel as they are all part of the zionist / freemason gangsters pointing the finger elsewhere while they are party to the massive multi trillion dollar attack on men right across the western world thieving with impunity through their dodgy use of the LAW.

Zionist leaning Cameron uses the gutter press to make statements about terrorist activities across the Middle East forgetting that his OWN mass murdering henchmen have killed thousands of vulnerable British citizens through their assassins ATOS and DWP who are far bigger terrorists than all those they claim are causing chaos elsewhere. Psychological torture a much easier way of removing the USELESS eaters as they don't leave any visible signs of damage . Divorcing men know the lengths Britain's judicial mafia , acting on the orders of the Grand Master of spying and mass terror the Duke of Kent for and on behalf of the royal parasites will go to relieve men of ALL their worldly possessions but you would NEVER guess as the gutter press that serve these evil bastards are to BUSY pointing the finger elsewhere at places that will NEVER encroach on men's estates .

Zionist leaning and lawyer Obama is a lackey for the biggest global terrorist group the Law Society who are responsible for more damage to men and their families than ALL other terrorists by trillions of miles and trillions of dollars. What we are seeing is deliberate escalations across the world by these evil bastards to suggest they are protecting us from harm when it is they themselves that are responsible for the mass fleecing and psychological torturing of MILLIONS of men caught up in their vile global tentacle of fraud and corruption.

DON'T BELIEVE A SINGLE WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are ALL in those privileged positions through the dodgy (masonic manipulated) democracies they CLAIM to support.

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