Report from the mean streets of opulent Nice in France
This has been reported to UNICEF on the 27 June 2014 regarding France's total failure to protect children from abuse on their streets.

Gabriel a beautiful little child surviving on the streets of Nice France

In all our years reporting on the issue of homelessness and vagrancy never have we witnessed such cruel and disgusting mistreatment of a little boy under two. While we watched Nice residents and their Monaco and Monte Carlo neighbours wine and dine on the most expensive drink and food literally across the planet while living in their million dollar + mansions, the local Nice police chased from the streets a helpless little child with no thoughts as to the condition that child was living under.

The light that shone from that child with his angelic smile was far greater than the combined mass of toffs who sneered as they brushed past this beautiful boy. There was no doubt some residents did take time to help and that was clear but many saw this helpless child as something that could be brushed off their well heeled boots. France has an enormous problem of vast inequality that shows a callous disregard for maybe the most vulnerable victim we have EVER come across in our travels.

A shocking disregard for human life which we will be addressing with the heads of the police and social services who have despicably let down this tiny human life. France must be at the very cutting edge of the extremes of human behaviour where vast opulence lives happily alongside vast impoverishment with not a glimmer of conscience , a sick and despicable perspective of a very warped society.

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