Nixon would have avoided impeachment using the same excuses as Obama

Nixon was ousted from office over bugging the opposition's 50 odd telephones. Obama bugs 50,000,000,000 and uses the excuse that it was to trap terrorists and done to protect the public. Only a psychopathic despot or lawyers like Blair, Clinton or Obama himself a lawyer could justify global spying on the grandest of scales under the guise of terrorism . Nixon today could have used a similar get out clause, that since 9/11 has given maniacs endless excuses to gather information, NOT only against their opponents and critics, but disguise that spying under a blanket global terrorist capture.

Anyone who believes Obama, and his many global pals who aided and abetted the biggest spying campaign in history, was doing it for the greater good needs to look back in time to see how despots and psychopathic killers always find an excuse to justify the most blatant abuses of power supposedly given under the guise of some sort of democracy.

There is not a single individual on the planet can justify these horrific breaches of all our human rights to privacy and Obama and every last one of his cohorts should be jailed indefinitely for these gross violations of those rights that provided them with the greatest power over the world's population by being able to store and access the most intimate of secrets and confidences garnered through their trillion dollar spying networks as exposed by Ed Snowden and others despite many activists already aware this had been going on. We have first hand knowledge through the telecomms industry that was the case long before Snowden spilt the beans on what they have been getting up to for way to long.

While Obama and his spying buddies should be languishing in jail they are instead busily plotting the next target for their military industrial complex ultra rich backers and shows a world now so out of control only the psychopaths are left running the show with seemingly no one in authority that can round them up and throw them in jail.


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