farage and carswell
Carswell gives Farage a funny handshake after defection from tories then wins Clacton

After UKIP win there first MP at Westminster the other major political parties mouthpieces get trotted out to defend their position with the knowledge that the huge gravy train they bask in at Westminster may be coming to an end when they will no longer be automatically elected .

The illusion they have to portray is that they CARE about what the working class peasants want. When ALL the political mafia worry about is increasing their already inflated salaries in particular how to wangle their vast expenses trough for maximum financial gain. Meanwhile taking the brown envelopes that change hands in the lobbying corridors of an utterly corrupt system of governance that has NO INTEREST in the peasants but only the interests of their rich donors and corporations that prop these vile bastards up.

UKIP will be no different, just another bunch of political sleaze bags using another name as Farage is as much a tory as the tories jumping ship to join their inane political mafia. However since the win Labour , tory and libdem mouthpieces have been intensely promoted by their mass media buddies claiming that if the public want REAL CHANGE they must vote for them.

For decades, or in fact centuries, these scumbags have been promising REAL change when the opposite is the case that whoever you vote for the same regurgitated policies give a suggestion that sometimes the peasants will get a little bit more of the pie under one lot than the other when the largest chunk will always go to the royal parasites they serve first and foremost and the vast army of freemasons and their COMPANIES who are provided with a bottomless trough of money through dodgy government and local council contracts.

REAL change will come when the public STOP voting for these scumbags and realise the system is fixed to ensure NO ONE with an ounce of credibility and conscience will ever take the power away from a shower of toerags only interested in self serving while lining the pockets of the London rich who prop them up come election time. It is time for REAL change and that will come from a duped public becoming ever more aware of the real extent of the brainwashing that claims the UK has a fair democratic system when it is an utter shambles ensuring only their hand picked psychopaths are promoted to positions of power by an out of control media.

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