Perceived threats: How the UK's masonic cops, politicians, legal mafia and media distract our attention
masonic cops There's no doubt of an establishment plot to subtly and deviously manipulate threats to garner support for a law enforcement system that is totally and utterly out of control. If its not a WAR on terror, drugs, guns, knives , gangs , domestic violence or some other PERCEIVED threat the British masonic murderous mafia, disguised as some sort of law enforcement, are playing mind games with the dupes and sheeple who still believe they are safe thanks to a bunch of evil scumbags that have, for decades, allowed children to be abused by their lodge buddies protected from any form of legal action instigated by what can only be described as a total MONSTER.

From ACPO a bunch of twisted psychotic chief constables busily raiding the public purse to line their pockets while behind the mass theft of thousands of properties, men are increasingly becoming homeless and penniless thanks to the use of force and legal machinations that have no legality other than to give crooks a licence to print money for the British crown headed by the royal parasites who have been named this week, by former BBC presenter Noel Edmonds, as aiding and abetting the protection network placed around the BBC predatory paedo Jimmy Savile to allow him to abuse children for over 5 decades until his death.

If it wasn't for the internet helping the victims to expose the sick psychotic gangsters, who even now are still trying to convince us the law and how it is operated is safe in their hands. It is beyond the time were good men and the public need to take back control of a country to stop the utter perverts and their assistants from creating ever more chaos that has ruined millions of lives under some pseudo democracy. A country controlled by Eton groomed gangsters all part of the British establishment who continue to fleece the public to satisfy their greed and sexual avarice for young children and who are still getting away with murder despite the massive exposure of the 1,000's of homopaedo's within their ranks.

  • Royal parasite and Margaret Thatcher conspired to cover up Jimmy Saviles child abuse
  • I watched Tory MP MURDER a boy during depraved Westminster VIP homopaedo party
  • Notorious homopaedo gang 'could have covered up 17 child murders and be linked to VIP guest house'