Rockets the new phallic symbols of the ruling psychopaths
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It is a shocking indictment when India's psychopathic leaders decided that instead of providing decent sanitation and shelter for its millions of citizens they would spend millions on sending a rocket to Mars that will soon be joining the mountain of space junk already sent there by NASA . Here is a country where millions of its citizens shit in a hole next to their home while the ruling elite ensure trillions of rupee's are funneled into the hands of a very few billionaire's.

Rockets are now the new phallic symbols for the ruling mafia. Whereas before masonic monoliths dotted the landscape of every country ruled over by the satanic mafia , rockets are the new way the uber rich show how powerful they are and to send a signal to other nations ruled over by the same ultra rich not to try and take that wealth away for fear of being attacked by warheads carried on these very rockets. That is despite the fact the wealth they try to protect has been stolen from the peasants who voted in the ruling parasites supposedly under some sort of democratic process yet martians seem to be a bigger priority for India's mafia than their own impoverished people. This is a massive public scandal and how India's peasants haven't already risen up shows the depths of oppression their people face when with little material wealth they have to tolerate a class ridden society that sees them as totally and utterly irrelevant when it comes to sharing that wealth.

Even in America, while millions are made homeless and penniless, Obama still rubber stamps the massive bill from NASA and all its space junk that could transform the lives of America's poor if the right administration were in power. However like India it is the few billionaire's and trillionaire's that pull all the strings and who fund the ego's of the political mafia come election time. If the vast sums spent in space were diverted to the problems of the people on earth poverty could be wiped out at a stroke but for the psychopathic mindset of the scum and filth that raid people's wealth for their own frivolous tendencies.


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