The political mafia's that will say anything to get into power
political psycho NEVER trust a political goon that gets lots of mainstream / zionist media attention.

You would think by now the sheeple on both sides of the Atlantic would realise that whether its Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Labour no matter who the public vote for they ALWAYS get the same agenda. Not only are British politicians serving the zionist / freemason agenda they now blatantly have two of their own in charge of the two biggest political parties in the UK , Cameron and Miliband. In the USA they also have zionist selected Obama and the Israeli supremacists both within Israel and abroad control these two super powers that dominate the Middle East on their behalf while they are busily stamping on the foreheads of the Palestinians they continually crush in Gaza .

No matter what excuses they come up for endless warmongering the ultimate goal is to allow zionism to control the main regions of the Middle East where the bulk of the worlds oil fields exist and the main source of power from their use and abuse that should never be in the hands of the zionist / freemason psychopaths whose only interest is greed and not for the benefit of all mankind. Until the issue of just who we are being fooled into voting for is resolved the duped sheeple will continue to select the lunatics that are running the asylum into the dust.

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