Is inequality an unavoidable fact of life? VIDEO

There is NO excuse for poverty NONE. We are being fooled into believing poverty is an incurable disease , or so the ruling global mafia and their twisted propaganda machines would have us believe. If you tell a massive lie for long enough, as they have done throughout history, the sheeple can be fooled into thinking that it is the truth including the fact that there has seldom if ever been one single solitary political leader that has prioritised poverty at the top of their agenda.

The political elite are all handpicked into positions of power who then work only for the global elite and to sustain large sections of the global population in abject poverty, ensuring the vast bulk of the world's wealth is in the hands of the few pulling all the strings. However things are changing or at least one part of the conspiracy has changed dramatically in that the control of the free flow of information is now heavily biased in favour of the peasants who previously had no influence over how information was dissected. When you have the utter scum and filth running the media like Harmsworth (Associated Newspapers) and Murdoch (News Corporation) who provide their global masters the platforms to endlessly explain WHY poverty will forever be a scourge on the landscape of planet earth they hope their propaganda machine will continue the reign of terror and fear that they create to stop the citizens of this world uniting, NOT for the greater good of these mobsters , but to raise the level of the planets population so that everyone has the opportunity to achieve a decent life instead of continuing to look at the ruling mafia as something to aspire to. That is not some utopian dream that is the reality if the mass of the world's population put their minds to the task of achieving that goal.

These are the most heinous scum on the planet who have incalculable wealth thanks to the murderous history of their forefathers and nothing to do with their philanthropic kindness. The British Royal family are a perfect example as to how the sheeple have been browbeaten into looking up in deference at these despots as some sort of moral compass when their only talent is that they are the feckless offspring of some of the most evil bastards on the planet who have gained that wealth through the raping and pillaging of the globe via British Empire building.

There is no doubt the self appointed ruling elite's systems are failing as more of the population become aware of the schemes that they have used to keep the peasants in their lowly place and poverty is the major way of ensuring the peasants remain subservient to their global masters. Poverty should be a priority for every human being on the planet who has any conscience and who should be aware that failing to follow the ruling mafia's agenda will lead to the very abject poverty that so many of their victims have succumbed to through no fault of their own. Ask any man who has been stripped of his life's work by their judicial mafia and who found out how quickly abject poverty can be imposed on decent men purely by the greed and legal systems of the ruling elite.

Their ivory towers are sitting on very rocky ground, and they know it, as their victims unite to expose and explore alternative ways to circumvent their banking, political and legal machinations that have , up until recently, kept them in control , but for how much longer? Ask any Cypriot peasant how quickly these bastards can take away their life savings ONLY because THEY control the very banks that have captured their money?