Rupert Murdoch might be a familiar figure to most people as his ego wont allow him to remain in the background however the sneakier of the two of these vile press barons Jonathan Harmsworth keeps himself under the radar while he spouts his vile bile and hatred of the poor in newspapers he controls both within the UK and globally. His family also has a long history of affection for fascism and just reading one page of his main propaganda machine the Daily Mail would be enough to convince anyone that he is a psychopath who rants endlessly about the Royal mafia while smearing the poor for being POOR with HATE propaganda .

Murdoch is already well known for his vile warmongering, royalist loving, poor hating rags. His upmarket version The Times appeals to the British establishment types while his tacky rag the Sun appeals to the ned culture that he helps cultivate with some of the most vile accounts of the peasants as the cause of all the woes across Britain. He is also responsible for the subterfuge that saw the death of Daniel Morgan a private investigator in a car park in London who was found with an axe in his head while he was trying to expose met cops dealing in drugs.

These two provide the mass coverage of the bullshit that is available in every newsagent across Britain. They were called to the Leveson inquiry into the criminal use of private dicks to gather info on their unsuspecting victims who they use to destroy ANYONE who does not follow their establishment agenda. Yesterday while the three joke political parties discussed what they would be doing to control these gangsters post Leveson statements started to appear that Murdoch and Harmsworth " threaten the boycott of regulator if plan proposed by Labour agreed to".

ALL of their vile rags ranted on about FREEDOM of the press but they have failed to realise Leveson was NOT supposed to be about freedom of expression but about the criminal activities these bastards got up to and that they were not just reporting news but using subterfuge and criminality to gather data on anyone that they targeted for their form of destruction. Murdoch has been expert at propping up right wing political leaders like Blair and Cameron, and the bigger worry is that Alex Salmond got into power thanks to Murdoch backing him while his rag the Scottish Sun targeted the Socialist party leader Tommy Sheridan with the full support of the Scottish judiciary and police who aided and abetted the jailing of Sheridan to ensure Salmond had a safe passage to become First Minister, Scots now only finding out the hidden agenda of Salmond who has two lawyers as his henchmen in McAskill and Sturgeon.

Apart from Harmsworth's delusions of grandeur and his psychopathic tendencies towards the British Royals, the richest despots on the planet, he backs every single policy created by the tory party even if those policies are killing British citizens en masse. At the last count at least 32 every week thanks to the fascist agenda of the scum and filth now running the country and who previously were groomed for power at the Queens brainwashing establishment at ETON. That is before they get hand picked to stand for election as a charade for some sort of democratic process.

There is no doubt these two evil bastards are responsible for much of what is seriously wrong in the United Kingdom when so many of the SHEEPLE are manipulated by some of the most perverted reporting of what is supposed to be newspapers. Instead they are propaganda machines that have been responsible for the massive inequality that has kept the ruling royal mafia in power while the peasants are cajoled into seeing each other as the cause of all their troubles and not the twisted establishment who are promoted at every opportunity by these scum and filth.


"The renewed political discussions came as three of Britain's largest newspaper groups, including the owners of the Sun and the Daily Mail, ramped up the pressure by signaling that they were prepared to boycott the proposed press watchdog and set up their own body if Labour and the Lib Dems succeed in creating a statutory underpinning of the new royal charter."

"Ultimately we are not about grandstanding on this. We are about getting a press law that works and protects the press and gives justice to victims of press abuse."

"Downing Street said it was unable to answer the latest of several requests from the Guardian to reveal how many meetings the prime minister has had with editors, publishers or representatives of the press."

  • Evil press barons at the Daily Mail (Harmsworth), the Sun (Murdoch), the Times (Murdoch), the Telegraph (Barclay Bros), the Daily Star(Desmond) and the Daily Express(Desmond) taking "high-level legal advice" about whether to co-operate with new press watchdog
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  • Evil press barons including owners of Sun (vile Murdoch) and Mail (vile Harmsworth) threaten boycott of regulator if plan proposed by Labour agreed to
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