The easiest way to lose money gamble on property
property roulette

Mortgages are like putting 100's if not 1000's of dollars accumulatively on a red or black every month . At some point down the line even if you are right 99.99999999999999999999% of the time that one time you fail you are going to lose the LOT. That is the price men pay for buying into the global property scammers with the freemasons controlling the law society terrorists and their legal lackeys who have FIXED the odds against men en masse who are going to LOSE IT ALL.

It seems no matter how hard men who have LOST IT ALL try to tell men who are not even at the starting blocks, there are still millions of dupes willing to gamble IT ALL to get on the mythical property ladder. So for maybe the thousandth time lets say again ITS FIXED can you read that loud and clear? The whole global property game is fixed and the reason why so many men are walking the streets homeless after being shafted by the corruption and fraud from the legal scum who are using the law to steal with impunity.

YOU CAN'T WIN you can never beat these bastards at this racket only by avoiding their self enrichment schemes will you survive. If your not brave enough to gamble a $100,000 or more on red or black why would you do the same thing by buying a property that will leave you broke and penniless? There are small pockets of men waking up to the global property scammers but still to many are buying into the hype and are under the illusion they OWN stuff. Lets make this very clear you will NEVER own anything only be given the illusion by the forgers of the dodgy contracts who will, like betting red but black comes up, WIPE YOU OUT.

Nothing absolutely NOTHING can stop them by falling into the trap of playing their fixed game. Learn from men who have played that game and know the enormous repercussions that happen when a lifetime of graft is taken away at a stroke by a freemason judicial pen just like a croupier does when you lose the bet, except you have a much higher chance of winning on roulette than winning in the property game.